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  5. "Where are they?"

"Where are they?"

Translation:Onlar neredeler?

September 4, 2015



Just to confirm, "onlar nerede?" is incorrect because it needs to be pluralized (because they means more than one person), right? Edit: I answered the question a second time with onlar nerede and got it right, but I'm still curious how they're both correct.


it is correct as well, -ler suffix for 3rd person plural is optional as long as the subject is not "hidden"

(e.g. you can omit "onlar" but then you have to include -ler. o for the sentence above the correct options are

  • onlar neredeler?
  • onlar nerede?
  • neredeler? )


If they refers not to people, would you just put ''nerede''?


"Where are they?" Translation: Onlar neredeler?

"Onlar nerededir?" - Baska doğru Türkçe cevap.

The Suffixes DIR / DİR / DUR / DÜR / TIR / TİR / TUR / TÜR

Last Vowel Ending / Suffix.

a, I - dır

e, I - dir

o, u - dur

ö, ü - dür


If the word ends in one of these consonants:

[f, s, t, k, ç, ş, h, p], the suffixes are tır, tir, tur, tür

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