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"Quando sentamos, nós sabemos que sentamos e, quando comemos, nós sabemos que comemos."

January 3, 2013



This is an awkward sentence.


this is a stupid sentence.. change it!


This is getting silly........


Actually, the sentence reminds me of the Buddhist concept of awareness. Not as silly as it seems on the surface :)


This is deep philosophical stuff.


This section is supposed to be dedicated to "presente", present tense.


"that" isn't mandatory in this sentence, but it also isn't mandatory to have it taken out. therefore, "when we sit, we know that we sit and, when we eat, we know that we eat"


"we know THAT we sit... we know THAT we eat" should also be acceptable.


yeah I out a couple of "that's" in and it says I'm wrong. Surely 'that' is the literal translation on "que" in this instance, however unecessary it might be in English


It is certainly not necessary, but nor is it unusual or wrong to have "that" expressed. But as I am 75, I concede that it may be a little old-fashioned. The second section of each half could well read "we know that we are sitting", "we know that we are eating". Of course, it will be marked wrong; but if we have all reported, it may well be put right.


I am a little younger than you, but I also use "that" frequently (I too reported the issue) I have great admiration for you, learning a new language at age 75! :)


Sixty years ago I learned that the correct grammar was to introduce a phrase with it but common usage is real language and so many people leave it out that it is not now insisted that one use it. It is handy to think of its possibility of being there, as Spanish and Portuguese will probably have it there.


I'm 20, and it's not weird at all to use "that" in this kind of construction. It often helps avoid ambiguity, which I appreciate.


why do i keep getting this sentence over and over again when i translate it correctly, I agree that it is a really awkward sentence.


Long and nonsense sentence


I felt stupid while translating that sentence xD


I really wish this sentence is taken out. The time it takes to type it disrupts the flow of the lesson, and the repetition within the sentence does not add anything to the practice.


There are so many W's in this sentence...


It sounds just like a Reggie Watts song, whose title I can't mention here (too explicit).

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