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  5. "Що ти дивишся?"

"Що ти дивишся?"

Translation:What are you watching?

September 4, 2015



So "дивитися" = "to watch" and "дивитися на" = "to look at"?

Can I say: "На що ти дивишся?" = "What are you looking at?"?


Yes, that is correct.


Why do we say видишся, видимося... and not видиш, видим... ???


I'm not sure if видишся is actually a Ukrainian word, same goes to видимося, видиш and видим. However, if you're interested in Western Ukrainian dialects, in some of them people do use видиш whether to grab somebody's attention to something important (Видиш, шо ти наробив? Can be translated as look what you've done) or to express some sort of surprise. For example, if you've hated some of your classmates during your entire school time and then suddenly fall in love with her and you two start dating, Ukrainian granny might say А видиш. They extend the first syllable, so it's basically А вииидиш

!!! It's not used all over Ukraine but in some parts of Western Ukraine you may hear older people saying that quite often :D

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