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Where can I find a list of medical terminology in Esperanto?

September 4, 2015



This book is all I could find. Good luck.


The review seems very negative though. Sounds like the book has major issues.

Something I find useful when looking for more obscure words is to go to the relevant page in the English Wikipedia and then switch language to Esperanto. It's certainly not foolproof - and it would be laborious to make a list like that - but it's the best way I can think of.



English really took a million roots from other languages instead of deriving from existing vocabulary didn't it..


Lol, yeah. Apparently 'laborious' came from Latin via old French. 'Work' is native - in as much as it came from old English and Germanic before that, so I suppose we could use that and construct a synonym. 'Workful' perhaps?

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