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"Futbalo estas la plej ŝatata sporto en Eŭropo."

Translation:Soccer is the favorite sport in Europe.

September 5, 2015



Ne nur en Eŭropo!


pli malpli la tuta mondo


Ĉu oni povas diri piedpilko anstataŭ futbalo? Se jes, ĉu piedpilko ne estas pli "Esperanta" ol futbalo?


Jes (laŭ PIV) kaj jes (laŭ mi).


Dankon pro via respondo :)

[deactivated user]

    Although English uses the same word for the sport and for the ball used to play it, it seems to me that Esperanto has "futbalo" for the sport, and "piedpilko" for the ball.


    I suppose it depends on whom you ask. According to PIV, piedpilko means futbalo k[aj] ties variantoj, and the other -pilko entries are also sports rather than the balls used to play those sports.


    But Reta Vortaro claims the opposite. For example, it defines "korbopilko" as the ball used in the sport basketbal, and "korbopilkado" as the sport itself.

    I have once seen a very heated discussion in the Lingva Konsultejo group on Facebook between people who say the X-pliko words are both the ball and the sport, and people who say you have to say X-pilkado or X-pilkludo for the sports. So the opinions are definitely divided on this one.

    On a side note, "futbalo" specifically means soccer / association football (and never the ball itself!), while "piedpilk(ad)o" can also be used to refer to various other kinds of football, such as American football (usona piedpilk(ad)o)


    The joys of not having a centralised language academy and a definitive dictionary sometimes :)

    One dictionary says one thing, another dictionary says another. Presumably usage among speakers is similarly divided.


    Soccer is the most popular sport in Europe? How would you say that instead?

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