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"Ayakkabının rengi ceketimin rengine benziyor."

Translation:The color of the shoe looks like the color of my coat.

September 5, 2015



Can this be "the color of your shoe"?


Yes, it could: ayakkabı-nın (of the shoe) or ayakkabı-n-ın (of your shoe).


why do we use "rengi" first and the second time "rengine"?


Because one colour (subject) is similar "to" the other colour -- in English, we use "to" with similar and in Turkish, we use the dative case (-e/-a) with benzemek.


What is the difference between "renki" and "rengi"? Can we use "renki" here?


The difference is that "rengi" is correct and "renki" is wrong :)

The Persian word is reng. Word-final consonants are usually devoiced in Turkish, so Arabic or Person words such as kitab, reng, wucud turn into kitap, renk, vücut in Turkish - but when you add a vowel to them, then the last letter changes (or you could say, the original sound surfaces again) and so "his book, its colour, his body" are kitabı, rengi, vücudu.

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