"Her crab."

Translation:A portán.

September 5, 2015

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Great.I've learned the word crab earlier on,but before that i learnt 'The man is in the fridge'.Now all I need to do is learn 'The crab is in the fridge' and I'll be a pro at Irish!


Didn't we learn that with possessive adjectives like ár and a, letters like P would be eclipsed??


A bportán means “their crab”; a phortán means “his crab”; a portán means “her crab”.


I'm getting confused. With apple wasn't it the masculine possessive that was not changing? (A húll = her apple A úll= his apple) is this different because of the gender of the noun? Or am i getting it all wrong?


what is the logic behind his/her/their crab and the 3 different words


Do you consider "crab" and "Crab" to be two different words? The Irish for "crab" is portán. Just as there are grammatical circumstances in English that will cause you to spell "crab" with a capital letter - "Crab", there are grammatical circumstances in Irish that will cause you to spell portán with a séimhiú (lenition - phortán) or with an urú (eclipsis - bportán).

One of the "grammatical circumstances" that cause eclipsis and lenition in Irish is possessive adjectives. This is particularly important for the 3rd person possessive adjective a, which can mean either "his", "her" or "their". To differentiate between a meaning "his", "her" or "their", you use lenition, no change or eclipsis:

mo phortán - "my crab" (singular - lenition)
do phortán - "your crab" (singular - lenition)
a phortán - "his crab" (singular - lenition)
a portán - "her crab" (feminine - no change)
ár bportán - "our crab" (plural - eclipsis)
bhur bportán - "your (more than one person) crab" (plural - eclipsis)
a bportán - "their crab" (plural - eclipsis)

Singular possessive adjective lenite, plural possessive adjective eclipse. The only explicitly feminine possessive adjective a-"her", doesn't cause any change at all.


A pórtan agus a bpórtan

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