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"No tengo tiempo para la lectura."

Translation:I do not have time for reading.

January 3, 2013



La lectura also translates as the lecture, not just reading.


I find 'the lecture' to be translated as 'la Conferencia'


Agree. I have no idea how I got it so wrong :)


The hints say it means lecture. That is probably why. Not your fault.


Thanks! I knew I had seen it somewhere, but couldn't find that translation anywhere else. So I didn't really have it "wrong" though I guess la lectura is NOT the lecture despite the hint. :)


Hola NoctilucaFirefly: Right!!!!! NOT "lectura" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


like the name but you need to decide whether you swim or fly...


Hola Bonnie.sjoberg: Where did you see or hear that? I cannot find that definition after checking three dictionaries and several online translation sites. I did not find anywhere that translated "lectura" as "lecture". I would be interested in seeing the source of that translation. Gracias.


spanishdict.com for "la lectura" lists the main definition as "reading" and all of its examples involve reading but it also lists "lecture" and "the act of teaching by way of lectures" as alternate meanings.


in Costa Rica they used "lecture" for a talk i.e. a lecture therefore Duo. should count it or delete the phrase


Ooops.I can't find the source, though I promise I didn't make it up. Ive checked a few sites and all of them translate la lectura as reading. Disculpe, lo siento.


when you click on the hint it appears.


Lecture is accepted.


As of June 14, 2018, "lecture" is not accepted by Duolingo as correct translation in this sentence, even though it is still listed in the hints.


Huysan: Duo accepted it? Are you sure? I just can't believe it. (I am not doubting you, but I cannot believe Duo would accept it.) Look elsewhere on this page and you will see that "lectura' does NOT mean lecture and nobody can show a source to say otherwise. How did you translate the sentence that Duo accepted? I am really curious. GRACIAS!~!


Not for me 3-1-19


My answer is " I do not have time for the lecture" and it's accepted. Now i'm more curious if someone receives a scolding and say this sentence. Not sure if it applies.


It is not accepted as of 10/21/2018


I just put in "I don't have time for the lecture" and got it wrong...


Huysan: OK, thanks. I totally disagree with Duo on this. I cannot find one reputable place that shows "lecture" as a legitimate translation for "lectura". Oh well, enough on this, ,,,,,,,,,,,, on to the next one..... CHAU


Not accepted on 30 Oct 18.


Really? It's Aug 2018 and I lost a heart for using 'lecture'. What's up? I've been writing duo's vocabulary as we go along, and the first use was 'lecture'. As a side note i have 'reading material'


not for me. ❌ dec 2018.


not accepted now! will report


It shouldn't be accepted, because "lectura" doesn't mean "lecture."


wasn't recently...


I take exception to this use of "reading." I could understand it if it referred to the lecture connotation, in which case it would be "the reading." But not having time "for reading" tells me it should be translated, "para leer."


The noun "lectura" is equivalent to "reading" as an activity, which is one use for "leer" (i.e., to represent the English gerund "reading"). In other words, you can use either "la lectura" or "leer" interchangeably for that purpose.


I put "I don't have time to read" but it said incorrect. Is this really incorrect??


Incorrecto. Your meaning is different from the given sentence. There is no infinitive in the Spanish sentence. Yeah, it is subtle, but your sentence means that one is very busy. So there is no downtime in your life to read. The given sentence is more specific. One has a lot of homework, for example, and No tengo tiempo para la lectura. (She or he does not have time to do the reading assignment for history class tomorrow.)


No, absolutely not. They mean the same thing.

"La lectura" is also simply the concept of reading, so it has nothing to do with being more specific or not.

I don't have time to read is 100% correct.


La lectura means the reading, the hover word is incorrect.. this is what we call a 'false friend' where it looks like it translates to what we think, but if you look at good sources (proper dictionary etc) then you will see that la lectura is ONLY translated as the reading.. Hope that helps.. I have reported the hover word as incorrect.


Shouldn't it be "the" reading. "La" lectura. No time for reading has a different meaning than no time for "the"reading.


Oh, obviously, yeah. But i still want to know how to say "a lecture"


And I specifically ask because for YEARS i was taught that "una lectura" means "a lecture".


You mean like "una conferencia "?


I mean when a professor stands up and talks at people in a lecture hall at university. Like a how a student would say "Wow that philosphy lecture was so boring!" That sort of lecture.


Right, that's "conferencia."


Oh neat DavidMoore. Thanks. How do they say "conference" in Spanish? Like a work conference, I mean. I guess that is another false cognate lol



You're going to love this. You'd still use "conferencia." But there are other choices that fit some situations better than "conferencia," like:
"reunión" = "meeting"
"congreso" = "congress" (as in large meeting, common with professions)


Whoa! Thanks! That's so funny for some reason. But really helpful!


Remember than in Spanish, using the article before a word can refer to that thing in general. La historia means "history" unless you clarify it with something like La historia de este país. El fútbol means "soccer" (or "football") in general, such as No me gusta el fútbol. We don't do that in English but it's a proper structure in Spanish.


Ok, I know I should understand this stuff by now, but I'm still confused . . . why is it "para la lectura" and not "por la lectura?"


I wrote, "I don't have time for a lecture." What do you think?


Hola jeffpack: Well, if you accept "lecture" as an acceptable definition of "lectura" that is one thing. (I don't agree), But, then it would be "I don't have time for THE lecture", not "A lecture". CHAU


I wrote the same...


Lecture was marked correct in my attempt.


Please explain the usage difference(s) between tiempo and vez. Thank you!


I'm not a Spanish expert, but it seems to me that it would be the difference between the meaning of time that relates to the large abstract quantity - I have no time (tiempo, temps in French, tempo in Italian) and time the single occasion - I've done it three times (vez, fois in French, volta in Italian).


"I don't have time to read" is correct. It is incorrect that it isn't.


"reading material" is one of the choices, but is marked wrong.


As of April 24, 2018, "I do not have time for the lecture" - is not accepted as a correct answer.


Nobody's perfect, not even Google. I suppose there is a sense in which "lectura" could be translated with "lecture" as long as that lecture was actually a reading.


the translation shows I do not have time for reading. Surely this should be "the reading" (as from. lectern) or the Spanish should = para leer = for reading?


It can be either "for reading" or "for the reading" ("para leer" = "para la lectura"). If it helps, you can think of this like "para cenar" = "para la cena."


I have had "the lecture" accepted many times before. What's changed?


Duo isn't perfect and was probably wrong to accept it "many times before." It's possible in another sentence a reasonable context could be assumed and make "lecture" a reasonable translation.


Don't need perfect. Just a little consistency & a pinch of common sense.


Perhaps they realized that it's an incorrect translation.


I see that some people are saying that "I do not have time for the lecture" is accepted, but when I just used that answer on 27 Nov 2018 it was rejected. Duolingo needs to make up its mind!


"lecture" is an incorrect translation of la lectura.


wait, so Lectura means "reading"... how do you say "a lecture"??


I wrote time for a reading and got marked wring.


When specific articles are used and match between the two languages, Duo doesn't accept substitutes. You should use either "for reading" or "for the reading."


Are you kidding me!? lectura is reading?


Yes. La lectura is a noun meaning "the reading". In all of the same meanings as in English (such as the "reading" off of a thermometer, the act of reading words in a book or on paper, or assigned written material for a class).

If you want the English word "lecture", it can be translated into several words in Spanish, depending on the meaning; a university class would be la clase, or a professional seminar would be a conferencia. In the sense of a "reprimand", such as "He gave his son a lecture about the proper use of the car", it would be el sermón.


what the hell? lecture wrong?


Yes. The two are not cognates.


"I don't have time for the lecture"

Lectura = Reading (out loud, in church, in front of a crowd)

Lectura = Lecture (academic teacher giving a lecture in an educational setting)

Conferencia = Conference (gathering of professionals to attend lectures about a topic)

Please know the difference.


Could you provide a dictionary link for "lectura" = "lecture"? I've never heard that before.

While "conferencia" = "conference" is true enough, another common meaning is "lecture." See, for example, SpanishDict.


why would lecture not be excepted?


I've found the "reading" solutions very awkward, so I typed, "I do not have time for the lecture" and was marked wrong. I reported this and believe it is a better translation given that "la lectura" would imply, "I do not have time for the reading"


SpanishDict translates lectura as reading. But this is an issue I have with DL. If a translation is shown in the hover window it should be accepted. To not accept it is misleading and causes all this wasted discussion. So, DL, please fix this.


I agree with bonnie.


Duolingo now agrees with you (07-02-13) but won´t accept my perfectly normal English "I haven't time...."


It's a little slow at accepting British usage for whatever reason.


Hola vandermonde: What is the British usage you are talking about? Thanks.


Hola lesliewilman: Agrees with whom?


I'm afraid I can't remember with whom I was agreeing at the beginning of February - at my age I can remember the blizzards of February 1947 better, but I think DL had given "lecture" as one possible correct solution on the date specified, The word "lectura" is possibly a borrowing, as it does not appear in Porto Editora's big Ptα (2013) nor in Michaelis Ptβ. Michaelis reminds us that "leitura"="reading" comes from medieval Latin "lectura" so perhaps this snippet dates from before the Acordo ortográfico which changed the spelling of "ct" where the "c" was not pronounced to "t" alone. Maybe the big Michaelis, which is to be published early 2014, will contain "lectura" as another option with "lição" or"conferência" or "aula" for a university lecture, especially if the "ct" is pronounced as written.


You must be from the tri-state area then?


No, I'm still in England where I was born in 1937, and getting dafter by the minute. You remind me that this discussion was about a Spanish sentence when it began in 2013. Two years ago I picked up a reply on my "bell" and forgot which language so my reply was about Portuguese. I have given you a Lingot for your trouble! Of course, there are several different English languages, and I only know a bit about the one I have been using for about 76 years.


Le t alone 'i haven't got time'. I've reported it, since to me both 'correct' answers are wrong, or at best unnatural.


Hola sendero: She has several posts. Which one are you agreeing with?


I have no time for the lecture sound correct to me, I know it is not the exact translation but i believe it has the same meaning...


Hola neven26: No. "lectura" means "reading", NOT "lecture"


I put lecture and was marked wrong - lecture should be accepted


I put "I do not have time for the lecture because duolingo tinycards said la lectura means the lecture.


I wrote "i don't have time for the lecture" and it was incorrect??

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