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Having fun with Google Translate

While trying to learn Spanish I've often been amused by Spanish words or phrases that have two very different meanings in English. So, just for fun, I decided to put a few of these together into a sentence to see what Google Translate made of it.

Here's my English sentence...

"A woman riding her motorbike in leathers stopped to give a light to a boy in overalls carrying a jack and a milling cutter"

If you put this into Google Translate and translate it into Spanish you get...

"Una mujer montada en su moto en cueros se detuvo para dar luz a un niño con un mono que lleva un gato y una fresa"

If you then put this sentence back into Google Translate and translate it back into English you get...

"A woman riding her bike naked stopped to give birth to a child with a monkey wearing a cat and a strawberry"

Well I thought it was funny anyway :)

If anyone has any other Spanish words with amusing double meanings I'd be interested to hear them.

September 5, 2015



This comedy sketch regarding google translate puts it into perspective:



that's pretty funny, especially the guy praying while peddling the bike/generator, thanks


thanks - that's the first one I've ever been given :)


Spanish has many beautiful idioms and expressions. One of my favorites is when una mujer da la luz. Some times Google Translate will get them correct and some times you have to search elsewhere and do more research.

I'm always having fun with Google Translate, WordReference and SpanishDict.


It seems to translate to "a woman of the light" but I presume it means something else?


I agree. Google translate is very inaccurate.


Do you know of a better free online translator. I also have found it to be wrong a lot, but do not know of what better to translate phrases and sentence.


Haha! That's funny! I think part of this is Google Translate's inaccuracy and not Spanish language rules.

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