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Azerbaijani course on Duolingo

I recently applied for the course "English for Azerbaijani speakers". The Duolingo team replied to me and said that once the course appears in the incubator, they will let me know if I was qualified as a contributor.

If you speak both English and Azerbaijani, please apply for the course. Write about yourself, your language knowledge and more.

We can do this! I know that Azerbaijani speakers learn English from Turkish or Russian here. I learned it from Turkish :( Why do we have to learn English from another language other than our mother tongue?

September 5, 2015



I really want to learn Azerbaijani but there are so few resources out there! It's a shame because it seems like such a beautiful language.


Thanks. Its also good to see a post for a course teaching English to people instead of the reverse. While an Azerbaijani for English speakers would be nice, it is much more helpful for an Azerbaijani speaker to know English than the reverse (not trying to insult the Azerbaijani language, but English is a global language and important economically in a way Azerbaijani isn't)


It is end of June 2019 and we still don't have Azerbaijani course in Duolingo. Azerbaijani is spoken by around 23 million+ people around the world. It is one of the Turkic languages. The only turkic language in Duolingo is Turkish.


I would like to know how different these two languages (Azerbaijani and Turkish)are?


They are about as different as Spanish and Portuguese, or as Norwegian and Swedish, or Icelandic and Greenlandic, and a lot more of examples which I may don't even know.


Just a correction: Icelandic & Greenlandic are not similar - they are from different language families. Maybe Icelandic & Faroese could be a better example :)


No, Spanish and Portugal have some really distinct aspects. Azerbaijani and Turkish only can be as different as Croatian and Serbian.


Esas umidizmi itirmeyek Ne qədər cox adam calishsa o qeder de tez olacaq


It is extremely frustrating


I think we should keep applying to incubator as contributor. It seems to be happen only way.


i was looking about azerbaijani to english language first. but i found turkish to english. i can help you from azerbaijan to english.


It is 2020 April no Azerbaijani


You're totally right... you have the right to learn English from your mother tongue, I hope your application will be successful, and many other Azerbaijani/English speakers join you :-)


Thanks so much :) I hope so


I wish you success. Since Prosinecki lead your team I even more wish you success. :)

[deactivated user]

    I would really love to learn it, doesn't matter if from English, Russian or Turkish. I really hope it appears in the incubator sometime soon. :/


    Thanks, I want to know my language better! Because I know only Russian and English. Thank you! :-)


    Mən də ingiliscə danışa bilirəm, və həm də kursu düzəltmək üçün müraciət etmişəm


    All of you apply for English for Azerbaijani speakers.We must do this one first then we can create Azerbaijani for english speakers.There are some languages i have heard first time in my life also is not an official language of any country.Nearly 30 million people talk this language


    So, the errors that you made are (not a lot):

    I recently applied for English for Azerbaijani speakers. (((Course not needed) or you could say the English for Azerbaijani speakers course)more formal)

    Edit: how you handled it is fine.

    THE Duolingo team replied to me.

    I learnED it from Turkish.

    Those are all of the errors.


    Thank you for the reply. I'm not fluent in English. I'm intermediate and I'm still learning the language :)


    I wish you find team for discussing whole stuff about Azerbaijani → English course! Especially I want to recomend using the search through the forums bar for "Azerbaijani" word. Perhaps there were the posts about this yet.


    Thank you for the reply. I searched it and found nothing. That's why I posted this discussion :) But maybe there will be some people after this discussion that is eager to contribute to the course.


    It's so great!

    So try post about Azerbaijani → English course somewhere else. On facebook, or on vk.com. Perhaps you can engage more people in. I hope your courage will come you to creating Azerbaijani-English community on Duo :)


    HI ... it's a great start ... congratulations. But the goal should be a course that its target language is Azerbaijani and teaches Azerbaijani for English speakers. But as I said it's a good start. I speak Tabrizi and I don't know how to read and write Azerbaijani ... but if there is anything I can do ... just tell me.



    Thank you for the reply :) . If I'm not mistaken, in order to create Azerbaijani course we must create English course first.


    man engilisi for azerbaijani speakers da sabtinam eladim . chokh tashakkur eliram zahmatunnan . amma man ozum faghat biraz danisha biliram okhumakh va yazmigin garah orgasham .... buna khatiridi ki duolingodan darkhast eladim azerbaijani coursun goysun ta man ozum da orjasham ...

    ginada sagh ol. man khabarlara muntaziram



    I'd love Azerbaijani for English speakers! <3 That upside down e is the most beautiful letter ever.


    Thanks for the reply :) Bye the way 'Ə' is pronounced like 'a' in 'can', 'lack'.


    Hi Javidan, I can see that you tried to develop an Azerbaijani course almost 4 years ago but I could not find it. Did your application get approved? I know so many people who are interested in learning Azerbaijani but they do not have good resources. I would be willing to help you, or anyone else who would like to work on the "Azerbaijani for English speakers" project.


    It is a very interesting and logical language. I am a native speaker but I studied in Russian ,which causes some problems with my Azeri . But I am willing to help contribute to the course.


    I am a native English speaker who is proficient in Azerbaijani. I had previously applied to work on an "Azerbaijani for English speakers" course, but hadn't thought of the "English for Azerbaijani speakers" course. I just applied to work on that one too! İnşAllah we can begin soon! :)


    If I'm not mistaken, in order to create Azerbaijani course, we must create the reverse course first.


    has Azerbaijani for English speakers reached anywhere? I'm really interested in completing my Azerbaijani.

    is it in duolingo?


    I have no idea when it will get to the top of Duolingo's list. It is unclear how many contributors are necessary, plus Duolingo has other criteria they use to decide what courses to develop.

    I've signed up to contribute to/moderate both, but all I've heard is the same email Javidan_A received.

    To get English-Azerbaijani and Azerbaijani-English courses up and running, we need: -Several people who are fluent in both to sign up to be contributors/moderators. -People who are interested in taking the courses to start asking for them.


    I wish there was a Azerbaijani course for Turkish speakers, but many people use reverse tree to study it. I hope it will soon come out :)


    Hey there! I speak English fluently and Azeri moderately so. Where can I sign up as a contributor?


    I would for sure love to see Azerbaijani happen on Duolingo. It's hard to find a pretty good course on it.


    Hello dear friend. As I'm intrested in learning Azerbaijani would you please let me know how can I learn it. I know Iranian Turkey as my parents first language us Turkey I'm familiar with it. In fact I can understand but can't speak!


    Yes you are right I have applied too


    Hey guys I found a way.All of you go and apply again and after go to the official facebook page on duolingo and comment to the last post say that we are ready for Azeri course.Come on we can do this.


    Salam Nihat, i think the only reason Duolingo still didn't address our requests for creating Azeri courses is the small number of applicants/contributors. I have contacted maximum friends and asked them to join. More applications - faster opening of the course.


    Yes but there are some languages with no contributor on duolingo.


    I would try this course. I have the Azerbaijani rap music in my playlist. :)


    It'd also be interesting to get Azerbaijani on here for English speakers after!


    Is turkish going to help in learning Azerbaijani? Just wondering


    Is it finally under construction? :)


    No. Did you click the image? :-)


    Ah. Thank you :)


    It has helped me. Grammatically it's very similar, although not identical by any means and a lot of the vocabulary is the same.


    Almost every Azerbaijani speakers know, Turkish, because of the similarities of the two languages. So yes, it will help a lot.


    I have applied too, but i dont understand why they ignore our thoughts.


    We also learn English with Farsi or Turkish in South Azerbaijan. I hope the Azeri turkish language course will be created.

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