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  5. "Læreren er svært kjedelig."

"Læreren er svært kjedelig."

Translation:The teacher is very boring.

September 5, 2015



Are svært and veldig interchangeable?


In many cases yes. 'svært' might be a little more intense than 'veldig'.


SVÆRT is an adverb while VELDIG is an adjective that sometimes also works as an adverb. In its adverbial form, it can be assumed as equivalent to SVÆRT.


Are svært and svart supposed to sound the same?


No! There is a distinct difference in the vowels after the "v" letters. The vowel in SVÆRT sounds similar to the vowel in the English word "bad," but that of SVART is similar to the vowel in the English "car."


Just to let the course moderators aware, I typed svært as 'svart' (by mistake) and it was accepted without flagging the word as a typo.


Would "most boring" be accepted here? It's a very posh but still accepted phrase in English.


I translated as: the teacher is rather boring. Which i think should be right, anybody agrees?


I'm at the other end of the spectrum. I threw in a swear word and it didn't approve. :P


I hear "rather boring" and I think they are only slightly boring. When I hear "very boring" I think that they are really, really boring. There is a difference in english. Not sure if there is in Norwegian.


exceedingly boring?


"Umåtelig kjedelig" eller "altfor kjedelig"


I cannot remember the word for Chain in Norwegian then suddenly realised the word is ' kjede'. Are they connected?


As u may have noticed, Norwegians don't have a letter sounding CH or KH (like the german word Yacht which is pronounced like yakht) or ZH (if i write measure in sms style it would be meZHer) or GH (the sound of r in french) or J (as in jack), they don't pronounce most of the D in words like "blad", they pronounce g as a y, so the Norwegian language evolution trend is removing some sounds and shrinking, so a lot of words may seem like they are related or pronounced our written, but they are not. That's one of the reasons I believe Norwegian is harder than Arabic.


it took me five years to pronounce 'Iraq' correctly.


George W Bush who invaded it still can't.


why it is not kjedelige?


'cus its not plural...or the definite form, as "the boring teacher" (den kjedelige læreren)

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