"Mi esperas, ke mi neniam denove vidos tian stultulon!"

Translation:I hope that I will never see that kind of fool again!

September 5, 2015

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"I hope I will never see that kind of idiot again" was marked wrong??


Why not vidu?

"We also use the -u ending in subordinate phrases (clauses) starting with ke, when the verb in the preceding, main part of the sentence expresses a want, desire, demand or preference"


I translated "stultulo" as "dolt" a few sentences ago and it was accepted; here it wasn't.


Fun Fact, this phrase is found almost Verbatim in one of Sylvan Zaft's books:

Duolingo: "Mi esperas, ke mi neniam denove vidos tian stultulon!"
Zaft: "Mi esperas, ke mi neniam refoje vidos tian stultulon!"

It's not clear whether Sylvan coined this phrase, or whether he found it somewhere else. I haven't been able to track down any other references to it.

Since the course has a sentence with tian ĉi stultulon taken verbatim from the same book - I think we know who is cribbing.

Note that Zaft translated the given sentence as: I hope never to see that kind of fool again.


it always takes about 5-7 seconds to check the answer. it is pretty long pause for timed practice

and I always make a tiny error...


my gosh, I already hate this exercise))) I didn't solve it correctly even once!


I feel the "vidos" in this exercise is way too close (phonetically) to "didos," even though I have no idea whether "didos" is a word in EO.

I'm not sure if it's because I already encountered another auditory illusion/ambiguity tonight on Duo, but in this exercise I can hear it whichever way I envision it to be, and Esperanto was certainly designed better than that (not to besmirch our lovely audio volunteers.)


It didn't accept '...I shall never see...'

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