"We will easily communicate with one another using Esperanto."

Translation:Ni facile komunikos unu kun la alia per Esperanto.

September 5, 2015

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This "unu kun la alia" construct trips me up, as I keep trying to say (incorrectly) "kun unu la alia" -- which matches English, but is incorrect Esperanto.

Does anyone have any tips to reinforce the construct "unu (preposition) la alia" in my mind?


Saluton, Fantomius ☺

I don't know if that will really help you, but considering your level 25 in French, let me try: That is actually almost the same, "l'un avec l'autre".

sfuspvwf npj


Jes, ni certe faros tion!!


Can this also be plural (...unu kun la aliaj...), since we're talking about ni?

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