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  5. "Is it ten or eleven o'clock?"

"Is it ten or eleven o'clock?"

Translation:Зараз десята чи одинадцята година?

September 5, 2015



in the opposite translation you don't need now and "now" is not mentioned in the sentence. There seems like a bit of inconsistency here


Am I wrong in thinking that зараз means "now," a word that does not appear in the English sentence?


"Now" is absent. So, either change translation or add word to original sentence


Everybody is talking about the word "now", but I was under the impression that that's how you express time and date in Ukrainian. In English we say "it's", and Ukrainian you say "зараз", right?


Exactly. You cannot say "воно є десята година"


In English, I say "it is now eleven o'clock" all the time, particularly in the context of discussing how much time we have until another event: "Is it ten or eleven o'clock now? Either way, we will have to hurry."

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