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  5. "Ти любиш масло?"

"Ти любиш масло?"

Translation:Do you like butter?

September 5, 2015



I guess "масло" here can mean both a product made from cow milk (thus butter) and a product made from the plant (sunflower oil or olive oil or palm oil), just as in Russian. Am I right? If yes, then "oil" should also be accepted here.


Масло = Butter

Олія = Oil (vegetable)


Ah, so there's a special word for such oil in Ukrainian. Good to know, thanks!


Note: масло is not necessarily butter made of milk; if you can make butter of anything else (like plant butter, but not oil), it's still масло :)


Is margarine also called "Олія" in Ukrainian or is there a different word for it?


There is a Ukrainian word "маргарин"


Олія is for liquids


Is the accusative case completely regular, or is it just my residual Esperanto giddiness?


In Ukrainian there's a special situation with inanimate objects of masculine and neutral gender :)

If it's animate, it will acquire an "а" at the end: Я люблю кота/брата/робота

If it's inanimate, the form is the same as the Nominative case: Я люблю торт/масло/помідор/сонце

But, for example, if a tomato (помідор) is a character of a fairy tale, you can say Я люблю Помідора :D

[deactivated user]


    Does рослинне масло mean cooking oil?


    Those type of websites are machine translated from Russian for the most part and are never proofread. They are a plague on the Ukrainian Internet.

    Oil is олія, масло is used for butter only

    [deactivated user]

      okay thanks for the info


      I mean, in principle there is plant butter (not only oil).


      Sorry but what's the difference between любите and любиш? they both mean you like/love but should one be used over the other in this context?

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