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"I am talking about the experience of love."

Translation:Jeg snakker om opplevelsen av kjærlighet.

September 5, 2015



Is "kjærlighetserfaringen" the same?


In essence, yeah, but it would sound a bit more unnatural I think. "Kjærlighetserfaringen" uses "erfaringen" instead of "opplevelsen" as the translation for "experience" and combines it into one word. The difference would be quite subtle, but "opplevelsen" could be something thrilling and exciting, while "erfaringen" would more likely mean either neutral or bad experience with something.


Both erfaring and opplevelse can be positive or negative. Erfaring is more like something you can learn from, and opplevelse is more about the feeling.


I agree with you there, good explanation.


what is the difference between opplevelse and erfaring? takk

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