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Ciorcail Comhrá (Conversation circles)

Peig.ie recently had an article promoting ciorcail comhrá, conversation meetups.

I know how hard it can be to find Gaeilgeoirí if you're not in Ireland (and even here they are often invisible until they open their mouths) but there is a surprisingly long list of places offering Irish conversation groups, including: Brussels, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Helsinki, Liverpool, Manchester, Missoula (as in the one in Montana; say hi to Hank Green if you get the chance), New York, Oxford and Paris. There are also plenty in Ireland.

September 5, 2015



Regular conversation classes are held Monday evenings in Sheffield. Details can be found at https://sheffieldgaelach.wordpress.com/about/


Hmmm still no leads on seville, spain. Any ideas welcome...


For anyone in the North West of England, there are 3 conversation groups running in Manchester: - 2nd Monday in Oldham organised by the Rochdale group; - Last thursday of the month in the city centre organised by MILG ; - 3rd Wednesday a basic level conversation at the Manchester Central library organised by MILG . You can get more info at www.milg.org.uk

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