yesterday I wrote a poem and I wanted to share it with all of you

and I accept critics

don't try to make wright what's all wrong don't try to hold me tight, please just don't stay in my sight dear don't love me if you do, hate me with the most bitter hate swallow my memory and make it vanish away

just don't ever think of me as a dream let me be the worst of nightmares in a real being little by little you'll see this burnt path walks along by me just think of me like a disease with no cure while you're tryng to make the vaccine I'll be waiting to be deadly just as only I could ever be

so don't hang for me darling I'm an angel too bad for heaven a devil too good for hell I'm only stucked in between tryng to figure out how to scape from me the darkest of shades was stucked in myself

leave me between the breeze that comes from the wind I'll ever wash away as a stranger who you thought knowing and it will sink further and further in the deep and that chain that stucked you in my way just break it away cause darling in every bitter I've been so alive

don't make the time we stole from life an eternity just follow my words It'll be just alright even roses tend to die. don't ever hear words from a man who's now dead

September 5, 2015

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