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  5. "Do you like my clothes?"

"Do you like my clothes?"

Translation:Liker du klærne mine?

September 5, 2015



Can i say klærne meg instead ?


Could you elaborate please?


It just doesn't make sense. "Liker du klærne meg?" sounds as unnatural as "Do you like the clothes my?"

The proper way of expressing this is "Liker du klærne mine?" Klærne mine is the most natural way of saying "my clothes," but mine klær is also fine to express more emphasis on my clothes and not someone else's clothes.


Thank you very much!


"mine" is the possessive pronoun, and equals "my" or "mine" in English, whereas "meg" is an object pronoun and equals "me". The only difference is that the order is a bit different in English.

Klærne meg = Clothes me

Klærne mine = My clothes / clothes of mine

And as Like_5.1991 says, you could even say "mine klær", which gives a slightly different emphasis.


Is klaerne the definite form of klaer?


Yup. Definite plural form.


When do we use "klær" in singular an when "klærne" in plural, since "cloth" in English has a different meaning?


Both are plural. Klærne is the definite form, klær is the indefinite form.

Klær = clothes

Klærne = the clothes

You normally don't use the singular form (klede).


Could someone please explain why it is spelled klærne and not klæren?


Because the ending for definite plurals is -ne (the indefinite plural being klær). Read heivoll's answer to my question, that's how I know! ;)


I said "Liker du mine klær", is this not a grammatically correct sentence?


It is grammatically correct. It would not be the most common way to ask someone if they like your clothes, as it sounds either like a very old-fashioned way of speaking or part of a sentence where you ask "do you like my clothes more than hers?" = liker du mine klær bedre enn hennes?

That said, I think it probably should count as correct, though I'm not an admin or anything.

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