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  5. "The beanies are mine."

"The beanies are mine."

Translation:Luene er mine.

September 5, 2015



Omg. My name (Luene) means the beanies in Norwegian lol


Just for you:

"Gi luene til Luene til Luene."
"Give Luene's beanies to Luene."


hahaha I love it! Tusen takk, @Deliciae!


Bare hyggelig! ^^


What is the difference between mine and min and when do we use each one of them ? Thansk :)


Check out the tips and notes for the possession section. You use "mine" for plural nouns and "min" for masculine/feminine, singular nouns.


What are beanies?


It depends on where you're from. It's my understanding that a woolen cap is called a beanie in parts of the USA. Apparently, some people in the UK call it a beanie, too. In Canada, it's called a toque.

In Canada, beanies are a little like baseball caps without the peak.
You can see a picture here.


The term "beanie" as referring to a tight fitting knit winter hat was a regional term in the US that has only recently been used in marketing and retail sales nationally. (over the past decade or so)

I'd still call that image a ski-cap, or winter cap, or a snow cap before I called it a beanie.


And mitt for undetermined right?


You use min for masculine singular nouns (also feminine), mi for feminine singular nouns, and mitt for neuter singular nouns. For plural, one uses mine, it doesn't matter if it's feminine, masculine or neuter.

Now, the determined or not... that determines the word order:

  • jeg liker mannen min
  • jeg liker min man

According to duolingo, it means exactly the same, but the first one is more used in everyday conversation, and the second one is a bit more formal.

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