"Salut !"


January 3, 2013

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The pronunciation is correct. I speak French very well (I'm testing this app), and it is common to palatalize final vowels and you have the sh sound


i wonder if salut can literally translate to salute (like a military "YES SIR!" type salute)


As a noun, "salut" can refer to a military salute. As a greeting, it means either "hi" or "bye", rather like the Italian ciao or the Hawaiian aloha. As an interjection, the Larousse dictionary confirms the following:

salut [saly] (familier)

  • [en arrivant] hi ou hello (there)
  • [en partant] bye, see you, so long (US)


Thanks George. Your comments helped me to understand 'Salut'.


Can i ask some thing I was learning french that "salut" means "hi" or "hello" and "bonjour" means good morning


For "good morning", use "bonjour" (it can also be a proper greeting any time of day (i.e., also "good afternoon" or just plain "hello"). "Salut" is an informal term which may be used as a greeting (hi, hey) or on parting (bye, goodbye).


i answered "Goodbye" and it was accepted


"Goodbye" is not 100% a good translation, as "hello" is neither.

Because "salut" can be used both, to greet someone when you meet the person, and to take leave of the person.

  • On meeting someone: Salut! Comment vas-tu? (Hi! How are you?)

  • On taking leave of a person: Ok, thanks fot the conversation, goodbye! = D'accord, merci pour la conversation, salut!


Can salut mean morning ?


It is an informal greeting meaning "hi" when you meet the person and "bye" when you are leaving.


and does it meaning depend on its position. For example: Salut! Comment vas-tu? = Hi! How are you? while D'accord, merci pour la conversation, salut! = Ok, thanks for the conversation, goodbye!


Position influences context. One does not say "Goodbye, how are you?" The context of "comment ça va" indicates that "salut" is a greeting here so it would be incorrect to interpret it as "good)bye" in that context.


Ever hear of "aloha"? It works the same way! Salut is an expression used as an informal greeting and also when parting. It can mean: hi/greetings/hey/hello -and- bye/goodbye/so long/cheers. You will notice that none of these other words does double duty the way "salut" does. It is informal, i.e., it is not at the same level as "Good afternoon", "Good morning". The more general (polite) way to greet someone is with "Bonjour". When you take your leave, you might say "à bientôt" (see you soon), "à plus tard" (see you later), "au revoir" (goodbye), or simply "bonne journée" (have a nice day).


Well i am learning french at my middle school and salut is used for hello and goodbye but in a casual way.Bonjour is used when saying hello ONLY and is formal.Hope this helps!!!


I thought 'Hi' would be acceptable as an informal hello


Yes, that is exactly right. "Salut" can mean either "hi" or "bye". Both are informal terms.


Doesn't seem to accept 'Hi' as an answer....


Both "hi" and "bye" are the primary answers accepted for "salut". The system has been acting a little squirrely today. "Hi" is correct. http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais-anglais/salut/69993


I thought that Bonjour was hello in french?


'Bonjour' is the formal way of saying hello. If you're meeting someone for the first time, or something like that, you would say 'bonjour'.

Salut' is the informal way of saying hello. If you talk to a close friend, or something like that, you would say 'salut'.


English has hi, hello, and hey (even "howdy" could count as hello) and so do other languages like French(:


Saying salut is informal and good morning isn't a correct translation. Salut is a very friendly word. If you have an interview for a job, youd better say " bonjour/good morning, instead of salut. You can't say that to a person as a boss or a priest or an older person, it would be impolite.


Could salut be translated also into hey or hi?


Yes, of course.


I thought Salut could mean both "hello" and "bye" ? I answered "hello" and was marked incorrect ?;_;


"Salut" is used both as a greeting (hello, hi, hey) and a way of saying goodbye (bye, goodbye, so long, cheers). Its interpretation will be based solely on context.

Larousse says this: salut (intj):

  • [en arrivant] hi ou hello (there)
  • [en partant] bye, see you, so long (US)


Is there always a space between the exclamation point in french


Yes, it does. It is their convention. There is also a space before the question mark, the colon and semicolon.


carolind- In Quebec it's correct for the exclamation mark but not for the question mark. Here, there's no space before the question mark.


Thanks for the correction!


Why did it say G'day? how would i know that Salut meant G'day some times, when usually it also just means SALUT?!?!


If you live in Australia, it means "g'day". Otherwise, just "hi" (or "bye") will do nicely.


Salut is hi, hello, or bye, or even good bye. Its not good morning. Same idea for a greeting, not the same words.


it is saying its wrong when it is correct


You're going to have to say what you put in order for anyone to help you.


Salut means goodbye, too, right? So, what is the different between salut and au revoir, how can we use them? Thanks


"Salut" is the informal/friendly form of either "hi" or "bye", as opposed to the traditional "Hello" (bonjour) or "Goodbye" "(au revoir).


I read somewhere in the Internet that the other meaning of salut is "salvation.". Relèvement (correct me if I'm wrong. ) is also salavation. I know it is far but I'm curious.


nahyeni- salut as one word, means a salutation, but it also means salvation/sauvetage, meaning the action of helping a person in a bad situation, but salvation is a noun and has to be used in a complete sentence.


Yes, and it is also said when someone sneezes, to say, "Bless you!"


"Salut" may mean either "hi/hello" or "bye/goodbye/so long/cheers/cheerio". Note that "cheers" in this sense is not a toast, but something said when parting company. A toast could be "à votre santé" (or simply "santé"). To say "bless you" when someone sneezes, you would say "à tes souhaits, à vos souhaits".


I thought bonjour was hello


As in English, there are many possible things that a person might say when seeing your friend. Hi, hello, hey, hey there, etc. In French, "bonjour" is the more typical polite way to say "hello" when meeting someone. For a friend, you might simply say "Hi". "Salut" also works when taking leave of someone ("bye") and is the informal version of "au revoir".


I was always taught salut was hi, is it just an informal hello?


If "Bonjour" means "Good Morning", then why does "Salut" mean "Good Morning" when it means "Hello"? French is so confusing!


gisselle- Duo shouldn't accept good morning, it's incorrect. Good morning is bonjour. You can say salut to someone at any time of the day, salut is informal.


That's right, mitaine. "Good morning" is really not "salut". It is not accepted.


Isn't salut only for your juniors and the same aged people as you? Not for your seniors, right? We need bonjour or something esle for that, right?


"Salut" is informal so it is used with your friends. It is the equivalent of saying "hi" or "bye".


Salut means "good morning"? Why isn't that given as one of its definitions when I click on it? I just chose "good", as I've heard it said as a toast at big meals. C'est la Vie.


Because that is not really what it means. The error has been corrected.


Isn't salut only mean hello? Duolingo said also means bye .-.


Read the posts near the top of the page which explain this.


Is salut hi or bye?


It can mean either one.

[deactivated user]

    How come on this app Salut means good bye ? But in a french book i have it actually means hi. Anyone got the answer for this?


    It can be used for either 'Hi' or 'Bye', just like 'Aloha' in Hawaiian. Read the comments above.


    the slow version and the fast version are the same


    That's because it is only one word. For a regular sentence, the "slow" version only pronounces each word individually.


    If I come up to come one I've never met and say Salut! would they take me as rude or too friendly? for say in school and now If I was just out in the city would they take me as rude or too friendly?


    Use the informal term "salut" for friends. Use "bonjour" for someone you have not met before or just to be a little more polite.


    I think this section is a bit ambiguos.. Salut does mean both hello and bye like the Italian ciao, but also bonjour literally mean good morning/day. I'd rather start by introducing Salut as hello, bonjour as good morning/day, and au revoir as good bye.


    When does salut mean "good morning"??


    It doesn't. "Salut" is an informal word used as an equivalent of either "hi" or "bye".


    Could this not also be used as a toast as in "To your health?"


    That would be "à votre santé".


    I understand that 'salut' is an informal greeting that can mean 'hi' or 'bye' but just now [one of the 'choose the right answer from the boxes' questions] it didn't have either of these as a translation for 'salut', it had 'good morning' or 'good night', but when I picked 'good night' [figuring as it can be 'hi' or 'bye' it could be either of those] it marked it as wrong and said it should've been 'good morning'? It seems 'good morning' wasn't technically right either after having read all the comments?


    How come u dont say when a word has multiple meanings


    Do you see the hints? Do you have access to a dictionary? You will learn a lot of words that have multiple meanings.


    Salut. again seems o have a shh on the end of it


    And that is a a correct pronunciation, among French accents. Many French palatize final vowels. You can hear it with 'Oui' too...


    At first I thought salut meant " Hi there".


    There must be a dozen ways at least that people use to say an informal "hi". That is what "salut" means as a greeting. The twist is that it can also be used to say "bye", an informal form of goodbye.


    Salut means Bye?


    "Salut" is an informal word that may mean either "hi" or "bye".


    I just wrote bye,hi the opposite way like this hi,bye and its says I got it wrong wowwww


    "Salut" may mean either "hi" or "bye", but not both at the same time.


    Is it the same meaning as au revoir?


    Your question has already been answered many times on this page. "Au revoir" is the standard way to say "goodbye". "Salut" may be either "hi" or "by" and is used in an informal way.

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