"Two thousand and fourteen"

Translation:İki bin on dört

September 6, 2015

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Can you say "Iki bin ve on dort"?


Do you say for years like 2016. iki yüz on altıncı yıl or iki yüz on altı yıl?


iki yüz is wrong.2000 is iki bin. they usually say iki bin on altı.( no yıl) however if you what to say in 2016 you should say iki bin on altı yılda.(means in the year of 2016)


I got a "word misspelled" notice for a word pre-supplied in the answer on this (only had to fill in "bin", the rest of the sentence was already there). Seems like the program didn't like its own spelling of "İki"? Weird...


Hello Sebastian

There is an issue with Duo accepting the Turkish front vowel -İ in upper case.

It always shows as an error in Duo lessons.

Try to ignore it.

Thank you.



ah! that would probably also explain why some words from the word bank aren't being said by the voice, like İyi and İstanbul


I wrote "iki" and was corrected with "iki" . . .


If you wrote Iki (dotless big i) it will be corrected with İki (a dotted big i).

In türkçe: Lower case (i) = upper case (İ) & Lower case (ı) = upper case (I)


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