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Youtube channels with Norwegian content?

Not really into the slower paced "educational" videos.

Preferably looking for YouTube personalities who do some kinds of vlogs or entertaining content with subtitles so I can follow along.

September 6, 2015



Looked at a couple videos, and they seemed to be in English. I meant, any good channels where they primarily speak Norwegian?


I'll keep looking for any channels you might like.


You could try Norges Herligste. It was actually a TV show in which they searched for Norway's most "wonderful" people, but the episodes are only around 5-10 minutes long, and they are in a vlog-like format. You can see English subs by clicking the cc button.
You can also check out PrebzOgDennis, which is a comedy/gaming vlog, but I don't think it's subtitled.
And in case you haven't seen it yet, this post has links to TV shows and other resources you might find interesting.

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