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"Do you study Norwegian at university?"

Translation:Studerer du norsk på universitet?

September 6, 2015



The English sentence is missing the definite article, the university, I think. At least I wouldn't say that sentence in English without it.


The English seems fine to me. Saying "the university", to me, would suggest that you're not a permanent student at the university, but are learning Norwegian there, or it would be used if you said something like "I live in Oslo, I'm studying Norwegian at the university there" with the location. Without the "the" it just means that at whichever university you are a student at, you are studying Norwegian there. I don't know if there are any examples that I'm missing out, but as a native English speaker that's how I would interpret it.


I believe "the university" is more common in US english and leaving out the the would be more common in UK english. Not sure about other english speaking countries.


Is "å lese" commonly (or ever) used for "to study (in higher education)" in Norwegian? It wasn't accepted here (but reported), but this online dictionary seems to say it is synonymous with "å studere" so I was just wondering if it may be a bit archaic or if the usage is just not the high


It's not synonymous, but it can be used in the regard of preparing for something, like an exam, which is usually something you'd "study for" in English, but "lese til" in Norwegian.


Okay, I understand now. Tusen takk!

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