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"Eu vou perder a minha padaria."

Translation:I will lose my bakery.

October 30, 2013



"I will miss my bakery" seems to me like it should also be correct without more context.

Maybe he is moving away to a new life?


I believe you're using 'miss' in the conrext of feeling or emotion. When perder is used as miss, it's referring to cases where you didn't achieve a goal, e.g I missed my flight, Eu perdi o meu voo



What should that mean? an investor who is losing his investment? Very meaningful sentence for learners!


I think so, something like financial problems and you have to sell it


"I'm going to..."? Is wrong?


I feel like this should be miss not lose


Case 1, in the sense of missing something or someone emotionally.

Case 2, In the sense of losing possession of something, or also used when you miss a bus or the time.

1- I miss you. / I miss Manoel's bakery, it made unique breads.

2- I lost the time I was late and missed the 7am bus.

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