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  5. "Дякую, я не хочу."

"Дякую, я не хочу."

Translation:Thanks, I do not want it.

September 6, 2015



No, thank you. I could be wrong, but "no, thank you" wasn't accepted for this question.


When I worked in a nursing home many years ago,an old woman who was 99, used to say this often, so this sentence is already familiar to me. I just didn't know how to write it.


Very strange English sentence, should have але after the comma.


It's a normal Ukrainian sentence. You have to thank the person for offering you something anyway and than you may say that you don't need that :)


So is it like the English phrase "I'm fine, thank you" (a polite way of declining an offer)? It's like saying: "I don't want anything, but thank you for offering."


"Would you like some more fish?" "No. I'm fine, thank you."

"Ви хочу більша риба?" "Ні. Дякую, я не хочу."

Does it work like this?


"Thanks, I don't want any." was accepted as correct by Duolingo.


It said I was wrong with "Thank you, I don't want any" even though that's what I'd say in English


That is more difficult than you imagin dude. It is not correct to say Ви хочу більша риба? We usially say: Ви хочете більше риби. Ви хочете, ти хочеш, він/вона/воно хоче, вони хочуть,


Is the pronunce of ю as an L? Here seems like YU at the end of дякую


A determiner like "any" would seem to best complete this phrase/idea - "Thanks, I don't want any." Does Ukrainian not have these? If it does,why is it not used here?


Russian song has, a song that says "i do not want to" but not with the word "thanks".. Its another version of thanks, but no thanks.. I dont need that item or i dont want to do something.


I do not hear "Д" at the start of the sentence. I hear "якую"

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