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ı can explain all your questions about Turkish!

Hey! I am Turkish and i love helping people. If you have problems about Turkish you can ask me!

September 6, 2015



How do the Turkish letter i's work? As of now it's my understanding that there two different letter i's, the ones that look like 'I' and the ones that look like 'i'. Is my understanding correct that they both act like letter i's? Whether or not I am correct, what's the difference in sound between these two and how would I know when a word uses one or the other? Is this something I just have to memorize? Thanks in advance!


Teşekkürler kemalberkisler!

I love Turkish language, I am doing my best to learn it, but it is very difficult remembering the words meaning, learning how to write the turkish words in the right way and understanding the mistery of turkish grammar.

Your offer is very important and I appreciate it very much.


Rica ederim magdahirsch, I am learning German now and thats same, the words will be forgetten but if you practice it everyday you will see the results, but Turkish words arent same with their writing. We read them different. So you can watch Turkish series (with or without subtitles , it will help you to hearing Turkish sounds) I can advice you to watch ; Muhtesem yuzyil (the Ottoman Empires stories) , Aski Memnu (Love) , Kiralik Ask (its new, but i like this one, its about love too..) you can easily find muhtesem yuzyils english or turkish subtitles


Merhaba Kemalberkisler. Very interesting series to improve my Turkish language. Teşekkürler!


Rica ederim :) magdahirsch


I don;t have any problem so far but thank you . you are very kind


Your welcome MariaManavi :) im here if you have questions


At first Turkish was really hard, but I'm starting to get the hang of it--just keeping at it every day.


I hope you will learn. Keep going :)


kemal yardum lutfen


Hahaha that's not Yardum , that is yardım :) (yardim in english alphabet) How can i help you ?


Hey! Is there a pattern to the ending change in words like book vs the book? Thanks so much for offering your help!


tolunayo explained it correctly but if you dont understand read this ; If you are talking about a book who is known by people you should use "The book" Ex:My teacher said that i should read the book. /Which book ? + Pride and Prejudice If you are talking about any book you should use " Book" Ex: My teacher said that i should read book. / Which book? +Any book.

I hope you understand :)


Try reading the tips & notes on the accusative skill. You'll find them on the web version of Duolingo, but not the mobile apps.


I am a native Turkish speaker. There is really no definite article in Turkish. When translating to English we use the context to see if the definite article would be needed in the English translation.

This link may help you with suffixes: http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/suffix.htm


Can you please explain the basics of the "TO BE" chapter on level 1 of Turkish Duolingo. Its very complicated to understand the adjective forms and suffixes without the basics explained.


Hello Kemal - please could you explain to me when to use sen and siz, as some answers are correct with sen and then others with siz

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