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"My daughter is working as a lawyer over in England."

Translation:Tá m'iníon ag obair mar dhlíodóir thall i Sasana.

September 6, 2015



How would you pronounce "dhlíodóir?"


See here for dlíodóir in each of the dialects, and substitute an English Y for the initial slender D in dlíodóir for the pronunciation of dhlíodóir.


Why not use anall in this sentence?


Because anall indicates movement towards the speaker of the sentence.

For example:

Tagann mo mhac anall ó Shasana.

My son comes over from England.

When there is no movement either towards or away from the speaker then thall is used. Thall indicates position. The daughter in this sentence is situated in England. No movement is implied.

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