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"What is with the sister?"

January 3, 2013



How do you remember when to use "der" for feminine nouns?


What form of "the" you use depends on the gender of the noun (or if its plural) and the case of the noun (that is, if the noun is the subject [nominative case], the direct object [accusative case], indirect object [dative case], or showing possession [genitive case]). On the following Wikipedia page, look at the table labeled "Definite article (strong)" to see which forms to use when...


Now, for this particular example, there is a further complication. That is, here "Schwester" is the object of the preposition "mit". "mit" is one of a handful of German prepositions whose objects are always in the dative case. From the table at the above web link, we know that in this case "der" is appropriate because the noun is feminine singular and in the dative case (because of "mit").

For a list of the German prepositions that take dative objects, see the following page...


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