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  5. "Amerikanere snakker engelsk."

"Amerikanere snakker engelsk."

Translation:Americans speak English.

September 6, 2015



Not sure many brits would agree with that...


Let's save the discussion for questions & answers/advice about learning the language. 'Jokey' observations are best kept for personal social media; this common thread is more useful without such clutter. Thank you in advance.


I think you will notice many comments throughout this course aimed at bringing a little bit of levity to our learning effort. In addition to comments, you will find funny sentences and statement inspired by popular culture. I am sorry that such humor bothers you. Personally, I am looking forwards to these lighter moments. Please note also that I do answer seriously (look a bit further in this thread) and ask serious questions when I have them. Variety is the spice of life.


Hi Laurent. It's great that you help learners like me understand Norwegian.

Users who are learning often turn to the discussion when they get an exercise wrong or don't fully understand an element of grammar, in order to ask a question or read an answer from people just like you. That's great.

They need to be able to check through the questions and answers that have already been written, to see if their query is already answered. As more and more off-topic observations are deposited on the thread, it become more tedious to do this. For example, the 'Americans read books' discussion, which has 3 genuine language questions, among 34 comments.


That isn't useful for those asking questions, nor is it useful for those providing answers: when a user cannot easily find the genuine language questions among the 'humorous' comments, they re-post questions that (may) have already been answered by people like you. The result can be twofold: i) those answering questions and supporting the community have to repeat themselves regularly; or ii) the repeated questions go unanswered and those later users have a much worse experience.

All because people who've already completed the exercise -- and are unlikely to return to it just to re-read their own comments -- felt the need to leave their mark. I'm sure you can appreciate that if everyone who had successfully completed an exercise left a 'jokey' observation, the number of observations would quickly exceed the number of genuine questions. Hence the 10% efficiency in the example I cited.

Feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to continue this discussion. Joseph


And yet here you are leaving your mark, every bit unnecessary as the person you singled out. In fact, your long rant means people have to scroll further down now. Well done.

The guy was correct. Every single one of these discussion sections has people making jokes. Every single one. If you want to fight this battle, you're wasting as much time as I am by typing this out. Take your battle up with Duolingo, rather than wasting time trying to moderate a forum you aren't a moderator of.

You can easily scroll down and find the help you are looking for, if it is there. I doubt his little comment prevents you doing so. He isn't stopping anyone from leaving helpful comments. But you're trying to stop him from enjoying his time learning a language. How selfish.


I agree, JHeaven. The only thing one can do is to simply downvote the irrelevant noise and upvote the substance.


1: Nothing in this sentence indicates that only Americans speak English, or that Americans speak only English.

2: "Amerikanere" (and "Americans") can be used to refer to both people from the United States of America and people from the continent America.

We don't need twenty posts about how offended everyone feels.


So I heard this joke once...

Q: What do you call someone who speaks two languages? A: Bilingual.

Q: What do you call someone who speaks three languages? A: Trilingual.

Q: What do you call someone who speaks one language? A: American.



why not "The americans"


Americans is more general. "The americans" would be a specific groups, for example the team representing the US at the Olympics.


And then, if I want to refer to a specific group , how would I say it?


Amerikanere is irregular??


It's quite regular, but follows a pattern common for nouns ending in -er in their base form. These only get an -e added in the plural rather than the -er.


Is it pronounced "enyelsk" or "engelsk" (with a hard 'g' sound)?


A hard "g" sound. There is an audio button btw


Yes, my confusion was caused by the audio feature. I hear a 'yuh' sound in the recording but have heard the hard 'g' in conversation. Thanks for your help!


If you see that again in the audio, you can always report it. After you answer the question, before clicking next, down in the bar saying that you are correct/what you did wrong it will leave and option to report an issue. Other wise, np ^^


The "ng" letter combination is, in the audio, transformed into what I think is called the velar nasal [ŋ] in linguistics, or perhaps even the long velar nasal [ŋŋ].


Når ej var i Norge folk fortalt mej at amerikanere snakker amerikansk og ikkje engelsk.


Du kan si "amerikansk" også, særlig om du ønsker å poengtere at det er en distinksjon mellom "amerikansk" og "britisk", men ellers vil "engelsk" være mer vanlig.


As it turns out many americans do speak english.


at least at 2nd grade level. As a nation we can't write or do math for $h!t either. Heck, a quarter of us - including college students - can't even name the two oceans and countries on our four continental borders, and 56% think we shouldn't use Arabic numerals (https://triblive.com/news/roman-numerals-anyone-poll-suggests-bias-against-arabic-numerals/). Those who come here to learn another language, and thus their own better, are the best!


But...couldn´t Americans also speak French, Spanish or Portuguese? I mean, America is a continent...


Helt enig! "Amerikaner" kan snakker flere språk!


i accidentally read snakker as spiser. that would have been weird.


What would "The American", and "the Americans" be please?


What would "the American" and "the Americans" be, please?


'amerikaneren' og 'amerikanerne'


Nope. Spanish is another common language there.


De fleste amerikanere snakker engelsk, ikke alle av dem.


so do australians, brits and new zealanders. America ≠ the whole english world


Actually, we speak all and any language. Our Caucasian stereotype speaks English


America its a contiment, not a country..... (with many languages :) )


why not brits, kiwis, aussies, canadians? Always americans... yanky doodle dandy


They speak American though...

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