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  5. "The dog is frightened."

"The dog is frightened."

Translation:Tá an madra scanraithe.

September 6, 2015



Okay. I wrote "Taim fear iridnaisiunta" and it was corrected to "Is fear ... me." So for this one, I wrote "Is scanraithe an madra" and was corrected to Ta an madre scanraithe. Now make sense of this for me.


The first one "Táim fear iridnáisiúnta" is wrong because it's connecting two nouns "fear" and "mé" so it needs to use the copula "Is fear iridnáisiúnta mé".

This one with "an madra" isn't connecting two nouns, it's connecting a noun and an adjective "scanraithe" so it uses the "Tá" form, "Tá an madre scanraithe"


should there be a h in madra


No. madra is a masculine noun, so it wouldn't be lenited.


Is there a way of telling the gender of a noun,by sight?


For some nouns there is, but not for all of them.


...probably unrelated but in the 'ranger's apprentice' series, the Viking are re-baptised as 'the Scanrans'.


What's wrong with faitíos?


faitíos is a noun, not an adjective, so you can say Tá faitíos ar an madra, but it is much less commonly used than eagla - tá eagla ar an madra.

You cannot say "Tá an madra faitíos" .

Faitíos is not part of the vocabulary that Duolingo teaches.


I think when i was in school we might have said" ta eagla ar an madra." Am i remembering it right.

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