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Mongolian for English Speakers

I'll cut to the chase and ask, I am the only one who would like to this in the future?

Now for what would have been the pretense. Ever since I was a little kid, I've always had a fascination with east Asia. Japan and China mostly, but I've found countries in Indochina quite interesting, as well as the Korea's. But recently, I've been looking at Mongolia's history, culture, geography, ect. and have become very interested in learning the language and visiting the country and would like to see a course for it here on Duolingo. Your thoughts?

September 6, 2015



Hi all, I am really happy here in Duolingo . I am Mongolian. People say that Mongolian language is difficult to learn, specially pronunciation. Probably it's their right. I know many foreigners who speaks Mongolian very well. If you really want, you can learn Mongolian. Just make it happen. I think that our culture and history will make you wonder.


I have always wanted Mongolian! If it gets to the incubator, maybe be a contributor?!


Please volunteer to be a contributor on duolingo incubator here; https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply


I'll add my voice here. I've been rooting for Mongolian on Duolingo for a while now, particularly because my girlfriend is serving as a volunteer in Mongolia for 18 months and intends to teach me the language when she comes back. I hear it is difficult but logical and intriguing.

My girlfriend and several other people serving with her should be able to contribute to creation of the course.


Could be really interesting to get to know that culture. It has the world’s lowest population density, with 2 people per square km, beating Iceland with 3, and a fascinating, long-winding culture.

This reminds me of the time when I was sitting in Intro to China (I’m an East Asian studies major) when we were supposed to learn about Chenggis Khan and the Yuan dynasty. I was chatting with a girl next to me. She said she was Russian and looked clearly Asian, and since I’m Eastern Slavic by heritage and look a bit Asian myself I joked that ‘today we’re gonna learn about daddy’…


I'd definitely like to learn Mongolian on Duolingo!


Can I do it? I have lived in both Mongolia and the US and I am a native speaker to both so... Work together?


Hi, I can teach Mongolian.


Сайн уу! Чи Монгол уу?


Тийм, би монгол.


сайн баина уу?


As I said ti squibbel 24... Maybe you can build a course on duolingo ? Just a little one as Latin for example, the start in a language is very useful. :)


yes it would be wonderful (but I guess you are not on Duolingo anymore)


Сайн уу! Чи Монгол хэл заадаг юм уу?


be monglar san yerdig tegihte be mongol hil zadegguu

[deactivated user]

    Mongol hun bainaaaa baina curs hiivel hiine shuu hamt ajillah hun baival heleerei angli helnii tal deer bol asuudal baihgui shvv.



    My e mail is easymongolian@gmail.com


    ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯ ᠪᠢᠴᠢᠭ ᠣᠷᠣᠭᠣᠯᠪᠠᠯ ᠻᠢᠷᠢᠯ ᠡᠴᠡ ᠪᠡᠨ ᠬᠢᠯᠪᠠᠷ ᠪᠠᠢᠢᠬᠤ ᠰᠢᠤ᠃


    Maybe you can build a course on duolingo ? Just a little one as Latin for example, the start in a language is very useful. :)


    I'd be willing to go very deep into debt to help fund a Mongolian Duolingo course.


    Mongolian is insane. Then again, insane languages are my passion. Full support.


    I think it would be fascinating. :)


    You can already learn Mongolian on Tribalingual.com, taught by a professional teacher with over 10 years experience. Tribalingual is a startup backed by the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.


    I'm also excited about having a Mongolian course. It's a mysterious language and it seems interesting.


    I got inspired of learning Mongolian ever since I heard of Mongolian throat singing.


    hell yeah. all together now, here comes the chorus!



    I know right! Same here


    If you would like, I can help with any questions about Mongolian you have


    I learned Japanese then Korean on internet, then moved to Korea to find that I was almost fluent already! Then, I found out that the Mongolian and Turkish languages were related to Korean, I met Mongolians in Seoul and decided that I was going to learn this language too! Since there really aren't that many resources online to learn Mongolian, please guys, make a Mongolian course on Duolingo :)


    Hate to break it to you, but Mongolian and Turkic are not related to Korean (or to each other, for that matter). This is evidenced by the fact that the older forms of the purported Altaic languages are more distant from each other than their modern forms, which is the exact opposite of the scenario required to prove relatedness between languages. Linguists are still looking into it, but from what I've heard, Japanese and Korean are the particular pair of formerly "Altaic" languages that are most likely to be related to each other.


    I read so, yes. But it was still good enough an excuse for me to look into the language and decide that I wanted to learn it. Not from a linguistic point of view so much as out of curiosity. I like the little I know of the language and I wonder if I'll find anything similar between the three languages once I get to a certain level of fluency in Mongolian. I wouldn't be disappointed if I didn't, but happy if I did. I have fun with Korean/Japanese/Chinese at the moment anyway :)


    Hi Duolingoers! I would like to put Mongolian language on Duolingo!! Watch my proposal out and help me reach the Duolingo people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MY_WyVwDug


    I've been interested in learning Mongolian ever since I saw a video of someone speaking it for the Teen Polyglot Challenge. It sounds really cool. Apparently it is really hard but I would still like to learn at least a bit sometime.


    I want to learn Mongolian! (And I am going to learn it, somehow..) It is one of my goals in life ^_^


    Hi I am Mongolian teacher.


    Hi ! So... if you enjoy Duolingo :) Do you think that you (and some others ) could build a little (or huge !) Mongolian Duolingo Course ?


    Mongolian is a quite structured language, but pronounciation is difficult, so unless you have a Mongolian teacher or live in Mongolia, it's really hard to learn it. In any case, it's a fascinating language that would be worthy of DuoLingo.


    For Dutch people it's a bit easier since the biggest issue is in the g sounds we have in Dutch as well.

    I live in Mongolia


    Goed nieuws voor mij dus.


    Goed news tot een zekere hoogte het is een taal waar woorden bijna hetzelfde klinken.

    zoals water en haar en fout en regen.

    en als je een woord iets verkeerd zegt begrijpen mensen er niks van. (soms is het omdat ze niet verwachten dat een buitenlander Mongools kan spreken.)


    Check out educatink.com for Mongolian language lessons!


    Does educatink still exist somewhere? The link doesn't work and I can't find it!


    A mongolian course would be fantastic!


    Yes! Somebody please make this happen!


    Please yes! My dad's been traveling back and forth between home and Mongolia for a couple of years and will be spending the majority of this year there, but he can't find any good tools for learning the language! I would absolutely LOVE to be able to tell him Duolingo had finally created a Mongolian course :D


    Yes! I spent a month in Mongolia last summer and all the English-based Mongolian language apps just plain suck. It baffles me that Duolingo prioritizes developing content for invented languages like High Valyrian instead of a language like Mongolian that has millions of living speakers.


    I don't want a Mongolian course in the future. I want a Mongolian course now!


    I would like to Mongolian too . Turkish and Mongolian have a lot of similarities also ! Turkish and Mongolian are relatives . (I'm a Turkish asdfasdf XD)


    I've had slight interest with Turkish before, but my reasoning was more along the lines of wanting to understand Star Trek/Star Wars rip-offs. xD But, it's good to know that these two have similarities.


    Anatolian turks have little to no relation to Altai turks, and completely no relation to mongolians. You'll have better luck finding those armenians that went missing, than a link between anatolian turks and mongols :-)


    I do not care about ethnics but languages :D


    An unusual request... but I like it :-)

    Let's hope some Mongolian native speakers read this and apply for a course...


    Well, I wouldn't have bothered writing this if I saw it on here all the time. :)


    I'm very interested in Mongolian history and culture. Please, make it happen!


    Pretty random language to add, but nevertheless it's another language, it only helps. I can ensure you that it's not near the top of there list. But then again I don't know a word of Mongolian.


    I don't expect it to be, I'm mainly just interested in seeing who else wants to learn it.


    I dream of a future where many more courses can be created on here, and much less labour-intensively (i.e. faster). Absolutely no idea how, but like I say, it's just a dream right now :)


    It should definitely be more transparent/democratic/automated too and based on number of interested learners and volunteers for course creators


    May your dreams come true!

    [deactivated user]

      Why don't you contribute?


      I'd love Mongolian too. Like someone else said, let's hope a native speaker sees this thread.

      I'd also love any new languages that aren't particularly common. Duolingo is a good platform for bringing lesser known languages to a large amount of people easily.


      So true! I love that Duolingo is usually so good at bringing those lesser-known languages to the forefront. Mongolian would be a great addition!


      I just like listening to Mongolian rap.


      Having a mongolian course seems like a good idea. However, you may run into some script difficulties, like typing in either Cyrillic, or any other Mongolian Scripts. Good Luck if you make the course


      I would definitely use Mongolian


      I think cyrillic would be the way to go, and Russian/Ukrainian/etc... courses already require typing in cyrillic


      I do2 russian courses on Duolingo, and there is no problem at all to type it. If we learn a language, we accept the challenges which come with !!!! It is very easy to type cyrillic, just go to the settings on the computer, into keyboard settings, and add cyrillic. You can even get traditional mongolian !!!!!!!! Yes after you have to learn where is each letter... so what ? It's only one week work, 15 minutes per day.


      Sure.. I want to learn mongolian.. I love Yuan Dynasty

      [deactivated user]

        Saying, that Mongolia belongs to a historic, now non-existent empire is a great insult to the Mongolian nation. Be careful.


        my family is Mongolian and I'd really like to learn!!! Can dueling please put Mongolian on here!!!


        I would also learn Mongolian because the culture is fascinating and almost unchanging over the course of history!


        kinda out of topic but the Indonesian course ( Also asian country) just finished


        I try to learn mongolian. But with few resources. A book with the basics in grammatic and writing, and internet videos.

        So I would looooooove to have it on Duolingo :)


        Oh yes, this would be lovely to learn, such a beautiful language~ <3


        Yes please. How can we make it happen.


        I would absolutely love to learn Mongolian! It’s such an interesting language, and it’s one of the few Asian countries that I personally think is quite interesting.


        I am Mongolian teacher. If you want to learn Mongolian? My e mail is easymongolian@gmail.com


        As someone who will be doing research in extremely rural areas in Mongolia, this would be very useful.


        The Vikings of the East. Or should I say the Vikings were the Mongols of the West?

        Either way...YES. Especially if traditional script could be used.


        Kind of. With the exception that Mongols depend heavily on their cavalry than their fleet (failed to attack Japan twice and the Yuan failed to conquest Java once)


        I would love Mongolian!


        Support for монгол in 2020! Сайн уу?!


        I am also very interested and think Mongolian would be a great language to learn. Fingers crossed it makes it into the Incubator soon!


        I vote for Mongolian!


        Hello, I am Mongolian. Mongolian language is easy to learn. Although cyrillic mongolian grammar is very difficult. Traditional mongolian script too easy to learn. I will suggest traditional mongolian script. Chingis khaan used this script. ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯ ᠪᠢᠴᠢᠭ ᠪᠣᠯ ᠬᠠᠮᠣᠭ ᠊ᠤᠨ ᠬᠢᠯᠪᠠᠷᠬᠠᠨ ᠳᠥᠷᠢᠮ ᠲᠡᠢ ᠪᠢᠴᠢᠭ᠃


        I assume that you are Mongolian that lives in Mongolia (not in inner Mongolia). But isn't Cyrillic the official script to write Mongolian (again, in Mongolia not inner Mongolia)?. And to me Cyrillic is easier than the traditional script. Traditional script is way cooler but also harder because of its rarity (it's an alphabet so it is maybe not so hard. But again, still rarely used).


        After 4 years and still without mongolian


        I would definately take a Mongolian course.


        Yes please!! This needs more upvotes; They should at least let us have some weaker form of beta test if we really want and there are people willing to create it for us. Considering a trip to there and I'm not such a big fan of regular dictionaries... :/


        irk, this is 3 years old

        waaaiiittt, what about COVID-19?


        Hey guys, check out www.tribalingual.com for Mongolian! :)


        New Mongolian course for the win!


        I would LOVE to have a mongolian course


        I would love to learn Mongolian!


        I am totally for it! My wife is a total fan of Mongolia and wanted to learn it for long. Unfortunately all the books to learn it from English either do not exist or cost as much as a travel to the moon....


        If you would like, I am a native speaker (Mongolian person haha) who can help if you would like: my email is margadboldbeleg@gmail.com


        Hey ! Could you be with a team for a Mongolian Course on Duolingo, as a moderator for example ?


        learning languages is a great thing


        OMG YES please can we have a mongolian course, such a rich language and interesting place to go !


        If you would like, I am a native speaker (Mongolian person haha) who can help if you would like: my email is margadboldbeleg@gmail.com


        I can teach Mongolia. Contact with me. muunu117@gmail.com


        Would you enjoy to participate to build a Mongolian Course on Duolingo ?


        I would love such a course! Unfortunately I think there is too little interest across the board :( Otherwise I would've signed up long ago!


        Tribalingual teaches Mongolian. They have 4 week and longer 10 week courses. Try them out!

        [deactivated user]


          I can speak Kazakh, Kyrgyz, & Uzbek but i swear i lowkey understand mongolian because i guess central asia is tied with Mongolia.. Some words sound oddly familiar and I want to learn Mongolian now.. it is also an altaic language


          Confirmation bias perhaps? I've read/heard stories of people who heard of Altaic in passing and were convinced they understood Korean despite speaking Turkish themselves. To be clear, Altaic isn't a real family, there's just been a huge amount of borrowing between Turkic and Mongolic because of all the contact. A relation between Mongolic and Tungusic has also been largely discredited, and Korean and Japanese are in no way related to any of the languages previously considered "Altaic" either.

          [deactivated user]

            The group "Altaic" (or the concept) exists just because they have similar sentence structures, that is it. There are absolutely no words similar or shared between Mongolian and the two of Japanese and Korean.


            Where did you learn Kazakh, Kyrgyz, orUzbek? Thanks


            If they have a language like Esperanto or fictional ones like High Valyrian, there shouldn’t be any excuse for leaving Mongolian out


            They don't leave Mongolian Out ! It's just that courses are build by volunteers. A course will come when 3 or 4 volunteer will build it !!!!!


            Very much seconded! It's somewhat difficult to find information on the language on the Net, and I for one would jump at the chance...don't suppose there's a poll, is there?


            Hey, I could teach you Mongolian.Cause i`m a native speaker.And can you teach me English?


            Very nice proposition... But I'm French. Zut alors !


            Really?Maybe we could do language exchange.I want to learn a little bit of French as well.


            With pleasure we can try :) I use skype, (username : kephem) and my email is lechamoisperspicace@gmail.com

            [deactivated user]

              Nomiko - I am Native (American) English Speaker. I can teach you English if you will Teach me Mongolian.


              Really?I would love to.


              I am Mongolian teacher. If you want to learn Mongolian? My e mail is easymongolian@gmail.com


              hey ! If you can teach mongolian, could you be interested in building a Duolingo course, or to be a moderator ?


              So are you up for it?


              Mongolia is a safe country. and is pretty interesting.

              [deactivated user]

                Um... if by safe, you mean getting verbally abused daily, then yes.


                I also have found Mongolia very intriguing. I love history and cultures of many countries. The fact that Mongolian seemed to have been able to keep their traditional ways through the centuries attracts me to no end. Mongolia is in my top 5 countries that I really want to visit. I live in California and when I went looking for books on Mongolia I found a serious lack of books and even less on the language. I really hope that this is one of the languages added soon.


                I would definitely like this happening! :)


                Сайн байна уу! I learnt Mongolian with other resources, but I think having a comprehensive course on Duolingo could help. Btw, I used to learn it but gave up, and I don't think I can have much of a conversation with someone.


                I'm learning Mongolian now! But there is no course on Duolingo


                I would love to visit Mongolia some day, but I feel like I should know some Mongolian before going. Duolingo has done a fantastic job educating me so far, so I think a Mongolian course is a great idea!


                sounds fantastic, one of my best friends is Mongolian, would love to have this course- question though would it be traditional script or modern? probably modern, sure, but traditional would be a fun idea :)


                ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯ ᠪᠢᠴᠢᠭ ᠰᠣᠷᠬᠤ ᠬᠢᠯᠪᠠᠷᠬᠠᠨ


                I think it would be great! My wife is in love with Mongolian culture, unfortunately it's difficult to find anything to learn the language that is not written in Russian.


                I'd like the course


                I would absolutely love to learn Mongolian language. I see that question has been asked three years ago but Duolingo still doesn't have it.


                I not Mongolian but actually a half Afro-Mexican/Cuban, half Lebanese but yet Mongolian fascinates me plus Genghis Khan & all the history, culture of Mongolia although maybe hard learning it in traditional Mongolian like traditional but assuming I will learn it in Cyrillic


                Plus I like Mongolian Throat Metal


                Mongolian is on my bucket list of languages to learn, so I hope this happens!


                I'd like to see Mongolian on Duolingo at some point. I've tried looking around before and have tried different apps like Ling, but they don't go nearly as in-depth with language learning as Duolingo. Many start with basic phrases or introduction and teach the alphabet later or are more surface-level with their approach.

                I've had an interest in languages for as long as I can remember, but I also tend to dive into the history of the country of whichever language I'm learning. This persisted into my time in college when I spent my time studying history and linguistics. The thing that really started my interest in Mongolian was going down a rabbit hole on YouTube with videos on Mongolian language and history from channels like NativLang and Feature History.

                TL;DR: I think Mongolian would be a great addition to Duolingo both because of the uniqueness of the language and the country's history, and the depth and detail Duolingo goes to to provide the most comprehensive way to learn a new language.


                I know several people who would take this course. It is surprisingly easy to learn lots of things about Mongolia, but very difficult to find resources for learning the language. I have tried several times and come up empty.


                At least in french there are some materials. I guess in English too. But you have to build your own methods with all the stuffs. So, it's pretty demanding...


                I would love to see this on Duolingo, I've always wanted to learn it! I did start learning Mongolian on Memrise, but it doesn't teach you anything about the grammar, vowel harmony, etc. Would love to see this happen!


                Interesting idea.


                I'm going to Mongolia next summer (2021) and would love to learn Mongolian the Duolingo way as it's much better than any other language training I use. Please, add this course.


                I really wanna see this happen soon! I always wanted to learn Mongolian!


                I want Mongolian course to be added! Posting to show my intent!


                I'd love to see a Mongolian course added, especially with Mongolia's decision to return to their traditional alphabet!


                I would like Mongolian. I am learning Mongolian on Memrise already, and the pronunciation and grammar are quite difficult. Strangely, I do not think that Mongolian vocabulary is very hard. I would also love to visit Mongolia, it is a quite interesting place.


                I'm a silly person, and would prolly be learning this language for the same reason I am working on learning Swahili... but I'm fairly certain I'd also find learning this to be a rewarding experience in ways that are not me just learning something for sillinesses.

                Some languages on here I am learning because I've embarassed myself--others because they seem like an important thing to know... but some I'd be learning because talking about speaking makes me giggle a little bit (that does not mean they are bad languages... it just means I'm immature).

                So yeah... going to upvote this one.


                Wow! What a unique snowflake! You want a new language on Duolingo!

                Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.