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  5. "Jeg skriver en søknad."

"Jeg skriver en søknad."

Translation:I am writing an application.

September 6, 2015



You might want to consider accepting "filling out an application". As far as I know, that's the only way "write an application" is ever expressed in the US.


I wrote "I fill out an application" and was marked incorrect and was wondering if the Norwegian sentence meant instead to create an application for others to fill out or if my answer should have been marked as correct. Which is it?

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I don't think anything will change until enough people report a problem, that being "the translation is unnatural", and "my answer should be accepted", when responding with "filling out". I'm super stubborn, so I'll keep reporting for sure =D

And now I'm stuck on an infinite loop of filling out an application, fun!


In my part of the world, "writing an application" is synonymous with computer programming. If we are applying for work, we "fill out an application," we "write a résumé," or we "write a CV." we don't "write an application." Please consider adding, "I'm filling out an application." Thanks! :-)


Agreed Regney, this is what I thought this sentence meant (as a native US speaker and freed software slave), which kinda didn't seem right.
We fill out, or complete, or even submit, applications for jobs, and write a résumé or (less commonly in the US) a CV. And of course we write apps ;).


Is "søknad" means something else literally translated?


'søk' = 'apply' (or 'search/seek') and 'nad' is just a suffix.


Takk for det, fveldig! Det er interessant!


"Søk" is also "to seek" or "a search".


True, but not in this context.


Is that a phone or a job application?


Would this just refer to a work application, or could it also be extended to school, club membership, etc

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