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"En fisk er et dyr under vann."

Translation:A fish is an animal under water.

September 6, 2015



... og en frukt over vann! (Bare tuller.)


Ah!! You beat me to the snappy linguistic-ambiguity response :P Lingot gladly given!


What role is "under vann" playing here, prepositional phrase or adjective? I wrote "...an underwater animal" and it was accepted, but that seems fundamentally different than "...an animal under water" (the main translation). To me, the first suggests that the animal is normally underwater (it has fins, gills, etc), and the second that the animal is currently underwater. At the zoo, for instance, you might see a polar bear swimming below the surface, but that doesn't make it an "underwater polar bear". Does this difference not exist in Norwegian?


I think it only describes that a fish is under (the) water (like the bed of a river).


"under" and "over" are just like "under" and "over" in English!


This helped me figure the sentence out SO EASILY!


Above the water, it is "en måltid".


When do you use en and et in a sentence?


In the case of the given sentence: En fisk er et dyr under vann. There are two indefinite nouns: fisk (en) and dyr (et). When an indefinite noun is introduced it is given with its indefinite article which agrees with the grammatical gender of the noun; masculine in the case of fisk and neuter with dyr. The indefinite article translates as a/an.

Hope this helps. Lykke til!


I was taught to not pronounce the D in under. When you do that it means miracle.


I am wearing headphones and when I click the microphone then make the computer say the words start to highlight and it lets me pass.


Lol, nice "hack".


Oh. So....not an animal outside of water? HEEEY-- VEGETAAARIANSS


En fisk er et dyr under vann. A fish is an animal under water or A fish is an under water animal?


I'm guessing the Norwegian pattern is the same as the English. 'En fisk er et dyr under vann' = A fish is an animal under water. 'En fisk er et under vann dyr' = A fish is an underwater animal'

I also think the purpose of the sentence is to help us get an understanding of how to structure phrases that express location. The unfortunate thing in this example is that I immediately thought, 'That's not true! A turtle underwater is still a turtle'. Lykke til!


My response ".. in the water" should have been accepted.


As opposed to a cow ouside of it...?


Duddddde.... Mind blown. Chicken of the sea indeed.

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