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  5. "I generally wear a skirt."

"I generally wear a skirt."

Translation:Ben genellikle etek giyerim.

September 6, 2015



So why genellikle and not genelde


What is the difference between genellike and cogunukla?

[deactivated user]

    It's the difference between ''generally'' and ''mostly''. But it is not an important difference.


    Shouldn't you be able then to use either word? I don't really see the difference between generally or mostly wearing a skirt.


    What is the difference between genelde and genellikle?


    Think of giyerim as some item hanging off me (dress, skirt). Then think of takarım as an item hanging on to me (glasses, hat). So using these two analogies: pantalon giyerim is I wear a trousers. Whereas pantalon takarim insinuates that they will eventually fall down :)


    Because there is no ‘bir’ in the sentence, it should be translated as ‘I generally wear skirts’. It is daft to think that someone only wears one skirt:):):)


    But you generally only wear one skirt at a time, so "a skirt" is quite natural in English. Both are possible.


    Is "-likle" a kind of adverbial ending?


    I've found that -lik is like -ness in English; -le is the instrumental suffix, i.e. "with...." So you can bisect this word as "with general-ness".. That is a way for me to remember things in Turkish; strip a word down to the bare nucleus (in this case 'genel') and remember the meaning of that. I literally have to ram all words in my head since Turkish is -aside from the occasional French loanword- in no way similar to any of the other languages I know...

    Another example, a personal favorite: birlikte- together. bir-lik-te > in one-ness.

    Oh boy I love this language <3


    This is a very good hint, Thanks


    Thanks for that. Its a reak help. I'm gonna do the same.

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, genel=general, genellikle=generally


      in which case can somene say : ben eteğin giyerim? Or it is not possible?

      [deactivated user]

        You can't say ''eteğin'' there is no such thing in Turkish.

        You can either say ''eteğini'' which means your/her/his/its skirt or ''eteği'' the skirt.


        Eteğin beni giyer. = Your skirt wears me. :-) :-) :-)


        You have to remember that 'ğ' is used to separate vowels. Etek ends in 'k'. What you wrote could be translated to 'I wear your skirt'.


        Why not "etek genellikle giyerim"?


        It sounds strange.


        Lol i am turkish and it is not true if u say this in the peoples they will think you are crazy


        Sorry for my bad grammar


        Whats the difference between giyerim and takarim


        Merhabalar, bir sorum var, Genellikle bir etek giyiyorum dogru mu bir cumle? Ben Türkiyede okumalarimdan dolayi sene kaldim ve konusurken öyle dedigini hatirlamistim, olur mu?


        Why is Ben çoğunukla etek giyerim incorrect?

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