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"Du trenger intet frimerke for å sende et postkort."

Translation:You need no postage stamp to send a postcard.

September 6, 2015



Is it real example from Norway - one really does not need a postage stamp to send a postcard?


You don't need a stamp if you buy one of the Norwegian post-office's pre-stamped postcards. Otherwise you definitely DO need a stamp!


what's the difference between intet and ingen?


You use "intet" for neuter, singular nouns.


Hvor da? Jeg ville sagt "Du trenger ikke et frimerke for å sende et postkort"

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There is a subtle difference. Yours would be "You don't need a stamp to send a postcard." vs. "You need no stamp to send a postcard." English seems to prefer the former, while Norwegian seems to prefer the latter, but that could just be a pattern I've noticed on Duolingo.


As a Norwegian, I've never used 'intet'


I've read somewhere that less and less people are using it and in some dialects it's not used all together, but I'm not sure.


Man skulle si "Du trenger ikke noe frimerke for å sende et postkort.", ikke sant?


Ja, det er riktig. Man kan si det på den måten. Det er også mer vanlig enn å bruke "intet" ("intet" is a word you would rather see in old novels or formal writing).

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