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Ido and other Esperantidos

So when I was doing my studies in Esperanto prior to the English->Esperanto course release, I began to think of languages that were similar to Esperanto. I'm not referring to languages such as Spanish or Dutch, rather if there were other constructed languages grew out of (or at least were indirectly sparked by) Esperanto. That is when I came across Esperantidos, or languages descended from Esperanto.

<pre> Languages such as Sassure, Romániço from what I know were made to fix the main complaints of Esperanto, but Ido is probably better known. I know more about Ido than other Esperantidos, but my knowledge is still very limited. I do know some things, such as changes to the plural from -oj to -i, changes to the infinitive from -i to -ar, vocabulary edits, etc. So knowing of Esperantidos, I became quite interested in these, and by the time of Esperanto's release, I wondered if Esperantidos like Ido would appear in the incubator, Now, I know these would not be of high priority, but it would be nice to see them. </pre>
September 7, 2015



I can imagine now a new Proto Indo-European branch, the Esperanto one :D


I think most Esperantidos are too similar to Esperanto to create a course. But I do think that other IALs would be interesting, however I've tried to learn a bit o every IAL, and in spite of solving some of Esperanto's problems, they add a lot of different problems.


I agree. In short, I don't think any of Esperanto's problems can be fixed without some negative result, but I will say they are still very intriguing


Of course they are

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