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  5. "I like to eat borsch."

"I like to eat borsch."

Translation:Я люблю їсти борщ.

September 7, 2015



how do you know which way to say "to eat"?


What do you mean?


i meant sometimes їм is used instead of їсти. how do you know which one to use?


Ah, you will learn about this later on or you can look right here: http://www.ukrainianlanguage.org.uk/read/unit10/page10-1.htm but basically the verbs are conjugated. Many languages conjugate verbs. Їм means "I eat" while їсти means "to eat"; їсти is an ---IRREGULAR--- verb in Ukrainian so here are the present tense forms:

To eat: Їсти

I eat: Я їм

We eat: Ми їмо

You eat: Ти їси (informal you)

Y'all/You eat: Ви їсте (plural you or singular formal)

They eat: Вони їдять

S/he/it eat: Він/Вона/Воно їсть

Remember that these could also mean xxx am/is/are eating because Ukrainian doesn't really have the present verb "to be". That whole verb chart might seem confusing but trust me, with practice and time it's really easy


That makes a lot more sense. I had an idea that the verbs change bases on subjects like most languages but i wasn't sure of the exact conjugations. Thank you.


Just remember that these are the personal endings for the irregular їсти but regular verbs have different endigns

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