"I pantaloni rosa non sono miei."

Translation:The pink pants are not mine.

January 3, 2013

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I would deny it too haha


Io non indosserei dei pantaloni rosa! Certamente non io.


I wrote "I pantaloni rosa non sono i miei" and lost a heart :( Is this actually wrong?


It has a slightly differente nuance, not translatable in English, you can report it.

"non sono i miei" sounds like yours are somewhere else, or that you were looking for them "non sono miei" is more generic.


I also noticed the article is sometimes left out before miei, suo or tuo. If it slightly changes the meaning of sentences, is it explained somewhere with some examples? I don't think it's covered in DL so far.


Had the same issue and reported it, but great explanation, grazie tante


Where can you actually report it? Because if the sentence to translate is ambiguous and I bad at reading minds , i have no fair chance of getting it right...


There is a flag icon immediately to the right of the comment icon that you used to get to this forum. Press the flag to get to the screen where you can report it.


I thought "i miei" is short for "my parents".


Yes it can be. Depends on the context. It can also be your family, or someone else's.

Like in "Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi".


È completamente vero che i pantaloni rosa non sono i miei genitori!


I did the same, but it is asking you to write what you hear so I guess "i miei" is wrong.


They accepted ...i miei when you select from their words but not when you type Italian yourself. They need to be consistent.


Wrote the same. Marked wrong. Very harsh.


Why is it 'rosa' and not 'rosi' to correspond with the plural noun?


"Rosa", like "blu", is invariable, i.e. doesn't matter whether the noun is singular/plural/masc/fem.


I don't understand why the translation is not: "I pantaloni rosa non sono i miei". I have come across this a few times where the article is left out i understand it is in close relatives eg. mia madre - Is there a hard and fast rule as to when and why it should be omitted please?


I agree. I saw an explanation in another discussion that we leave out the possessive article if the subject noun is singular but in this case it is plural so now I am really confused.


I answered the question and got it right, "I pantaloni rosa non sono i miei ".... the very next question..... leaves out the "i" in 'i miei ' and is counted in correct . I can't follow that inconsistency.


When the verb is essere and the possessive follows it, the article is optional.


Pants are underwear in British English


It is difficult to remember to translate things incorrectly for Duolingo. In the UK pants, Oxford English dictionary means, "Underpants or knickers." Pantaloni are trousers.


That's because most IT companies and apps are coming from a North American English company. Although the Duoling company prides itself in teaching endangered languages, it craps on European English. It dos my nut in to think cookie, candy, pants, and, as for "fall" instead of "autumn"...


So when it is said, "He still wears short pants," does that mean underwear?


What is the difference between red and pink? Is it just the extra 's'? Is it a pronunciation?


Yes, both spelling and pronunciation.

  • red > rosso / rossa
  • pink > rosa


They sound the same to me in the recordings. Any hints? Also, is pink > roso as well? and rose/rosi for plural?


Yes, the "s" is read just like in English. The S in ROSA like the S in USE and SS in ROSSO like SS in MESS. No, rosa doesn't ever change. See number 15 in this FAQ list: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/233855


Grazie! Grazie! I will listen carefully.


Rosa is like other Italian words that also represent an object( rosa is also used for ( a) rose, there for it is rosa in both singular and plural; not rose or rosi!


Rosa does not change for gender or plural.


So, are 'pantaloni' always plural? (like in English?) I thought that latin languages (like French) would say 'one pant' (as in, one pair). I guess I know the answer (yes, plural) but that surprises me...


Need my pronunciation corrected! The program almost never approves of the way I speak Italian but won't/can't tell me what is wrong!!!


If you aren't using a headset, that helps a lot. I don't, and tend to get really frustrated by how many times I have to try an expression. If it actually is your pronunciation, then you should try listening carefully to the speaker over and over again while trying to imitate her. Break her syllables down and repeat them. Sometimes it's not easy, but it makes a huge difference.


Is there a pronunciation difference between rosa and rossa?


There is actually a difference in pronunciation for all double vs single consonants. Very hard for a non native speaker to here but to an Italian it's very clear. Simply put, you "linger" just a bit on the double. Say "buon anno" to someone but pronounce it "ano" and you will get a funny look.


Yes, think of intervocalic 's' as the English 'z' sound, but sometimes used elsewhere, and all occurrences of 'ss', as the softer English 'ss' sound.


as usual pants are knickers, slacks or trousers are pantaloni.


if we say non sono i miei, is incorrect?


Why does typing i miei instead of just miei make the answer incorrect


If you are British, you would get extremely confused


It drives me nuts why was it in the previous sentence 'i mei' and in this one just 'miei'.


That has happened to me also, and not just with this answer!


why in one question if you say red it should be pink and other when you type pink it should be red , in both cases you loose mark i mean heart!!!??


You're apparently confused by the similarity between pink and red in Italian: pink > rosa Red > rosso


Why wouldn't it be "rosi" since "pants" is plural?


Rosa is invariable, as are blu and verde. They will not change.


Verde doesn't change with gender but with number it does (verdi).


How many composers were they then? (lol)


Marrone, like verde, changes with number (marroni).


The difference between red and pink is that pink is red and white mixed together. ;-)


I still don't really understand the difference between Gli and I. It's gli uomini, but i pantaloni, why?


Gli is used before plural words starting with vowels or s+consonant, ps, z, y, gn, x, and a few foreign words. I is used before most consonants.


"before plural masculine words..."


In another question, rosa was either pink or rose. In this question, rose pants is not accepted.


Why is it wrong to say 'slacks' instead of 'pants'? If I (as a male) have to wear something pink, why can't I call them slacks. Or, if they are actually (women's) pants (more logical to me) then why give a sentence like this, apt to be misconstrued?


shouldn't it be: ...sono i miei. i had to find the correct order, but there was only one "i" and all the other exercises had an additional "i".


When we type we hit the "enter" by accident


That happens to me too often! Usually it happens when I miss the spacebar and hit the screen, which ends my answer, even if I haven't finished typing it, and I get marked incorrect!


Why in gods name is "i miei" wrong?!


That is a great question; it seems that sometimes it's correct and sometimes it's wrong! I think it depends on who is rating the answers at the time! That happens to me in other questions too! I.e. the shirt can be either la camicia or la maglia but today I answered la camicia and got an incorrect( hint look for a picture of a shirt with a pocket and no buttons to answer la maglia) today I forgot to look at the picture and typed la camicia; I was marked incorrect but flagged it that my answer should be accepted! A few questions later, I answered la camicia and was marked correct, but there was note that another possible answer could be la maglia! Go figure!


Hi Talliagluc. Understand your frustration. Though DL don't specify it, it seems that maglia is used for what we would call a T-shirt in the UK, while camicia is more for a shirt with long sleeves and buttons ( sometimes referred to as a dress shirt by DL). That should help when there's a picture. Otherwise it's the luck of the draw. Have a great day.


Thank you David, It took me a short while to figure out that maglia is a shirt with no buttons! What I don' t understand is the inconsistency with which they score( ?) your answers; sometimes allowing only one answer and other times, even within a short amount of time, saying that there is another answer! Have a good day!


I spoke with my friend (native Italian) as I regularly do regarding a lot of these grammatical rules, and he tells me that DL is wrong to state that "i miei" is wrong. There are cases where one can omit the article when using possessives, but leaving the article in is absolutely fine.


Is this a phrase often used in Italy!?


Pantaloons is an English word meaning pants. Please duolingo, get an English dictionary


I have had this twice in the same section. I understand when you are typing what you hear it has to be exactly what is said, in this case -non sono miei. But in the one where you choose the tiles it was - non sono i miei. Is there something I need to understand as to when I include i or not? Thanks


Rossa sounds exactly like rosa from the previous example!

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