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  5. "Lek inte med elden."

"Lek inte med elden."

Translation:Do not play with fire.

September 7, 2015



Perhaps: Do not play with the fire is also accepted. Could one say in Swedish: -lek inte med eld-?


The idioms differ here. The Swedish expression has a definite article, while the English has not.


Thanks Lundgren8 and Zmrzlina. I am thinking of a camping trip and children are fiddling with the campfire. If I say: -Lek inte med elden- this is general advice in Swedish. Or can it also signify this particular fire, viz our campfire, so: do not play with the fire.. Or would I have to say: -Lek inte med vår eld- or similar?


No, it sounds weird to have it in the indefinite in Swedish.


Is this only referring to actual fire, or is it a metaphor as it is in English?


I still would like to know this.


Yes, it is also a metaphor. Even more than the actual meaning of "playing with fire". E.g. "She goes out with that man, although she is married. She is playing with fire!" Hope that helps. :-)


Does this sentence have ad idiomatic meaning or is it just a plain advice about the danger of playing with actual fire?


Yes, is it also a metaphor. (See answer to the question above)

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