So, this is another listening comprehension site. It's hosted by NUIM (or is that Maynooth University, now?) and I've been using it to help my listening.

Basically, it takes a short news segment from Nuacht TG4, and asks questions about it. It also asks questions about grammar and other stuff, to help your Irish and listening comprehension. It comes in 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

What I really like about it, however, is that all the answers are given, so you can easily check yourself after you've done it. It also includes a transcript of the clip, making it invaluable. Doubly so since it uses Nuacht, which doesn't contain English subtitles. Generally it updates every Tuesday during the academic year, but there's enough of a backlog that you shouldn't have to worry about running out during the weeks between academic years.

Bainigí sult as!

September 7, 2015

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Ar fheabhas. Go raibh míle míle maith agat.

PS. Mo chomhbhrón leat; bhí mé ag scairteadh ar son na Gaillimhe inné. Ach d'imir an fhoireann mionúr go maith.

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