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  5. "Na nóiméid"

"Na nóiméid"

Translation:The minutes

September 7, 2015



the moments should be correct too.


Could this also refer to the "minutes" of a meeting, or is there another word for that in Irish?



(mion is an adjective meaning "small" - think of it as "mini", tuarisc is an "account" or "report". Normally, the second half of a compound word is lenited, but I think that this is an example of "DeNTaL DoTS" - the t in tuairisc isn't lenited because of the n in mion).


slenderized in the nominative plural


I wonder what "nóm" means at the public transport stops then. I always thought "3 nóm" would mean 3 minutes, but there is a missing "i" then...


It's an abbreviation - it doesn't need to contain that i, any more than it needs to contain the éad. They could have abbreviated it to "nmd", or even "nm" or "nd", but they had room for 3 letters, and nóm provides a better indication of what the abbreviated word was, because of the long vowel.

The fact that you assumed that it means "minute" demonstrates that their choice of abbreviation works.

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