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"Футбол - дуже популярна гра в Україні."

Translation:Soccer is a very popular game in Ukraine.

September 7, 2015



Being English, I demand that football be accepted! :-P


Keep reporting, developers have been pretty good about adding British variants and spelling differences. After all it's Futbol in Ukrainian too :P


It's just because here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8737910 they ask you to stop reporting british english errors.


The request was to stop creating similar reports (a report, then a freewrite report, then a comment and repeated for every sentence with a similar word). If you clearly make your point that this one is British English - all other sentences with this word will be tended.


4 years later and this still hasn't been updated. It is 1 word that needs updating to reflect the usage of this app in the UK and across the rest of the world outside of America


Гартуйсь Серджійо (Сергій)! I'm SO glad that DL is looking at the Ukrainian language not just from the Ukraine's current speech (from Велика Україна), but also the way Ukrainian-speakers worldwide have been speaking for over a century.) The various immigrations to Canada, USA, Australia, England, Germany, South America, etc. still have retained the 'older', beautifully melodic (and more detailed/specific) Ukrainian language, thus making the Ukrainian rich, authentic & real. I'm glad that DL has an open mind to the different ways of expressing oneself in Ukrainian! Keep up the good work Sergio! :D


And keep up the good work to ALL at Duolingo and everyone whe has contributed to this excellent program! :D I'm always excited to learn something new or 'old' at Duolingo! Дай Боже Вам всім здоров'ячко!! :)


Football is a very popular game in Ukraine


Soccer is american game. All the world play football .


Football. Football is a very popular game in Ukraine.

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