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Assigned/generated usernames instead of email addresses

Is there a way that when creating a class, teacher could generate a list of usernames/passwords for students instead of having students use an email address to sign up?

We have lengthy school email addresses that the students don't often remember.


September 7, 2015

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I think it's not possible.

I see several workarounds if they can't remember their school email address:

  • distributing to them a paper with/sending on their personal email address an email to them with/having them saving in their phone (for those having)/having them noting in their French book or exercice book: their school email address.
  • have your students that can't remember their school email address to use their personal email address
  • creating (yourself) an email address for you (on any "good" email service) then defining for each of your student a sub-address. They'll not receive emails (but as if you could assign to them usernames), except f course if you filter the email in your just created (main) email address such that each alias send back the email to any address your student gave.
  • create yourself an email address (on any "good" email service) for each of your students.
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