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  5. "Hvem trenger kjøtt?"

"Hvem trenger kjøtt?"

Translation:Who needs meat?

September 7, 2015



ikke vegetarianerene

  • vegetarianere = vegetarians
  • vegetarianerne = the vegetarians


Jeg trenger kjøtt.


Ulven spiser meg!


Og bjørnen også!


How did I know there would be an argument about dietary preferences in the comments of this sentence. Why can't ya'll just eat food and learn norwegian without fighting?


The comments section of "это Америка или Канада" in the Russian course is exactly the same. It's the same everywhere. That is how you know.


En katt trenger kjøtt.


half of the comments got deleted.. i wonder what they said..


We are not here to decide whether or not we should be vegetarians, vegans or else... in this context we should talk about the language... stop arguing about other topics, it's absolutely useless and I'm just wasting my time looking for an explanation about my doubts. And not even now they are solved, so, thank you very much! :(

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I agree with you on the first bit, but if you have unanswered questions - just ask! :)


Nope, I get enough protein as a vegan. :D


I don't have to eat meat, I'm not built to eat meat - if we eat animals people say it's disgusting, but if it comes from the plastic packages it's perfectle fine, but actually you're eating exactly the same. If you think killing animals to eat them is bad, stop eating meat. If you don't really care, why is it so bad to eat other humans if we do eat other animals? To me it's no difference wether it's human or cow - I don't eat it. I'm not built for it. Why do people make such huge senseless problems of something that tiny?


Actually, we evolved as omnivores so we are 'built' to eat meat - we just don't have to, I'm a pescatarian myself (and wannabe vegetarian) so I'm not pro-meat but nor am I anti-meat. I understand there are studies on eating human flesh which report it's bad for a human to eat it.


You do know that pork, for example is made up 95% of the same DNA as humans, so it's basically cannibalism. Human intestines are too long for meat, -its been proven. Carnivore species have short intestines.


Eating pork is not cannibalism. Human intestines are not too long for meat... because there's no such thing as "too long for meat". But there IS "too short for cellulose".

And most importantly duolingo is no place for such discussions. And it's especially no place for spreading an ideological misinformation propaganda.


Humans share approximately 50% of DNA as bananas.

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