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  5. "Kvinnen har vann."

"Kvinnen har vann."

Translation:The woman has water.

September 7, 2015



So it's "ei kvinna -> a woman" and "kvinnen -> the woman"?


There are three ways to inflect feminine nouns in Norwegian:

English reference

a woman - the woman - women - the women

All feminine (indefinite feminine, definite feminine)

ei kvinne - kvinna - kvinner - kvinnene

All masculine (indefinite masculine, definite masculine)

en kvinne - kvinnen - kvinner - kvinnene

Mixed (indefinite masculine, definite feminine)

en kvinne - kvinna - kvinner - kvinnene

The mixed form is suprisingly common, and is taught for many feminine nouns in this course. However, your indefinite feminine, definite masculine is incorrect.


Kvinnen- why don't they pronounce the "en" at the end?


It is pronounced, however, the 'e' is silent. It should sound like kvinn'n.


Why here is used 'kvinnen' instead of kvinne?


Because of the definite article which is added as suffix to the noun. Here, en is used (= kvinnen), but one could also use ei here (= kvinna).


"er" and "har" sound a bit similar. I though "Har" was pronounced like "Hor". how do you make the difference between the two?


The 'h' in 'har' is always pronounced.




Kvinne is indefinite (a, one, any). Kvinnen, kvinna are two different uses of the definite-the woman. Kvinnen is the masculine/common form, kvinna is feminine form. Generally either is acceptable. I find it easiest to always use the common form-one less thing to remember


Why not kvinnene? Ene is for definite..


If it where kvinnene, It would translate to "The women has water". In this case it's only one woman.


How do you pronouce Kvinne and kvinnen? I am struggling with it. Can someone please spell phonetically?


Something like kvinn-eh and kvinn'n. You'll learn to hear the difference with some practice :)


Why I used to kvinnen = the women not lady


'Kvinnen' actually means 'the woMAN' and not 'the woMEN', but I believe it can also translate to 'the lady'.


Bokmål - Kvinnen/Kvinna har vann/vatn.
Nynorsk - Kvinna har vatn.

[deactivated user]

    I think that it would be better if you start saying ei kvinne and kvinna from the beginning

    [deactivated user]

      It would definitely be easier but you would also risk confusion when encountering en kvinne and kvinnen for the first time while on a holiday in Norway.

      Therefore, both forms are presented to you so your mind can register it in everyday speech regardless which form you eventually end up choosing for yourself.


      Barn and vann sounds super similar to me

      [deactivated user]

        Barn is when a pirate asks for vann. Correct IPA pronunciations are below.

        barn - /bɑːɳ/

        vann - /ʋɑnː/

        Follow this link to hear these symbols being pronounced.

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