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"My grandmother is at the post office."

Translation:Моя бабуся на пошті.

September 7, 2015



I typed 'моя бабуся в пошті' and was marked wrong. When should i use на and в/у?


Unfortunately, you must learn it by heart. Some words require using на and another words require using в/у. We could make a general rule that в is used with words representing places inside buildings (в магазині, у школі, в кімнаті, у церкві, у вежі) and на is used with words representing outdoor places or their surface of the buildings (на стадіоні, на вулиці, на даху, на вежі, на балконі). But as we can see there are exceptions like на пошті.


Why isn't баба accepted?


And yet we do say баба to refer to our grandmas. Especially in family conversations For example, I was taught to refer to my grandmas баба [name] and to grndpas дід [name]


That's what we did, even as English speakers, with our Ukrainian babas. Once my mom became a grandmother, she was introduced to her grandson as Baba, and eventually she just became Baba to all of us. I saw this same thing happen in other parts of the family. Could this be a diaspora thing? Are you speaking as someone in Ukraine?


баба has several connotations, one of them is quite pejorative. It sounds rude to say that about one's own grandma. It has slang meanings too(wench, broad, softy, milksop..) and can be misunderstood.


Accepted now, not sure if in all exercises containing "grandmother"


why can't i say "Моя бабуся знаходиться на пошті."


You can, it's correct.

But not accepted here, please only use "to be" to translate :)

(I can elaborate why if you want)


My answer is exactly like the translation (Моя бабуся на пошті) and they still say it's wrong! What do I do??

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