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Different Swedish accents can be found...


I just found this website, where you can click on a region and choose a voice to read you a story. You can read along in either 'proper' Swedish or the semi-phonetic transcription and listen to their accent.

Till exempel: this is a young man from Löderup (Skåne region) reading a story.

Here is another young man, for comparison, from all the way up in Arjeplog, Lappland.

You can choose between elder male/female or young male/female voices and compare! It also tells you a bit about the areas, and some areas even have multiple accents to try out.

Have fun!

September 7, 2015



Nice site, but oh my, I am soooo far from being able to understand that.

Especially the first speaker sounds to me like he speaks a single long word made up from dropping every other word in the story and from the remaining words every other letter.


Strangely enough I find that the more south in Sweden I go, the easier I understand it. Stockholm-ish (I just invented that word) sounds like a long string of sjjjjjjjjjjj and skkkkkkkk to me, so I'm trying to train my ear to it more.

I do have to add that the people telling these stories are young giggling guys who are snorting their way through the story. Try a grown man or woman, they're easier to understand!


As a person who's trying to brush up on my listening, this website is really insightful! It's great to hear how words are actually pronounced and in conjunction with the phonetic transcription it's really easy to catch onto patterns and make note of them.

Great find!


Jag känner till den här sidan och den är mycket intressant! Men utan transkription är det ibland svårt att förstå några dialekter.

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