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Missing Audio

Why is there no audio when I click on a picture, or hover the cursor over a word? I can't learn how to pronounce the words properly unless I can hear each one on its own, and as many times as I need to.

EDIT: I have just read a post in my Irish for English Speakers subscription that says the voice is an actual human, and so not all words have audio. At least I know I'm not going mental, and it's not my computer. So now I wonder: will there ever be audio for every word?

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September 8, 2015



The overall Irish audio, although recorded by an actual human being, is not good. That's because the person is not a native speaker, and many factors (like broad and slender consonants) are ignored.


Here are some updates on the audio as posted by Team Irish on the course development page:

(posted 7 months ago): Voice talent: The search continues for the new voice of the Irish course! More updates should come very soon as we begin to receive audio samples.

(posted 6 months ago): Audio: We received two audio samples several weeks ago, one was Munster dialect and the other was Connemara. Both of which were improvements over the current voice, but we weren't convinced that they were the best we could get. After that, things died down for a bit (people get busy, y'know?), but now we are trying our best to get the ball rolling again and we hope to have a new voice...dare I say it...Soon™

(posted 4 months ago): Audio: We are currently assessing a very promising candidate. I can't really say much more than that, really :)

(posted a little over a month ago): Audio: The audio is currently being recorded! After it is completely recorded, we will assess every recording, each recording will be assigned to its sentence and then the new voice will be live to our users (i.e. you)!

That's all we know, but any further updates regarding the audio situation will also be published at the link above.


About time. I ended up forking out for the 'Gaeilge gan Stró' online course due to being fed up of waiting for decent pronunciation. I'm glad I did, though- it's a great course.


Somehow I missed that Gaeilge gan Stró even had an online course - not sure how that happened! Bookmarked now for the next time I have spare cash. Thanks for mentioning it.

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