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  5. "You are eating rice."

"You are eating rice."

Translation:Du spiser ris.

September 8, 2015



Is "Du er" correct? Or is the "er" not required in Norwegian? As in, "You are". Or does "spiser" indicate the "is/are eating"?


Spiser indicates somebody "is eating", so to say du er spiser would be like saying you are are eating. Hope this helps.


I think that "dere" is put here as in plural or third person form. Although 'du' is correct in a simpler way.

[deactivated user]
    • du - 2nd person singular
    • dere - 2nd person plural
    • de - 3rd person plural

    For "You are eating rice", only the following two translations are correct.

    Du spiser ris.

    Dere spiser ris.

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